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The top 5 Christmas gift ideas for a plant lover

Buy a plant lover anything even remotely plant related, and they'll be over-the-moon. Plants are such a source of joy. Combine Christmas and plant goodies and you'll have made someone's day in a truly thoughtful way. Here are the 5 top Christmas gift ideas for plant lovers...

1: The designer duo 

Top of my list this year is an easy-care plant coupled with a gorgeous cover pot. I'm in love with the Orchid & Fig cover pots in particular. They're NZ made, reversible cover pots with 9 gorgeous designs to choose from. Limited edition too.

A hand-made gift is always a winner, especially when it's NZ made and you're supporting local. Even more special when they're not mass-produced designs. Being fabric, if you go plant-less, these fold flat for easy sending for friends you won’t get to see in person.

Shop Orchid & Fig >

Upgrade this gift 

Up the surprise and delight factor. Instead of giving them a cover pot with an easy-care plant of your choice, pop out and grab a plant store gift card. Then do a sneaky double-gift, and hide the gift card inside the cover pot for them to discover. They can get any plant of their choice instead.

The clever duo at Orchid & Fig have made these cover pots the perfect size to fit all standard plant store pots (from 12cm to 15cm diameter and up to 23cms tall), so that gives your loved one almost the entire store's plants to pick from to match with their gorgeous new cover pot. 

PS: My mum and my partner’s mum are both getting these as gifts this year. Shhh! Secret squirrel on that one.

5 different fabric cover pot designs with plants in them made by orchid and fig made in nz

2. The ultimate easy-care plant 

If you don't know how much of a green thumb your friend or family-member has, play it safe. My top choices are a ZZ Plant, Peace Lily or Sansevieria (Snake Plant). Or for friends or family with pets or curious kids, the cheerful green non-toxic Peperomia Obtusifolia gets my vote. They are all very tolerant of almost all conditions and handle a good dose of neglect too. Easy available at most plant stores this time of year too.

I have a few good luck Sansevieira available right now. As I write this there are 2 Black Coral > and 1 Moonshine Sansevieira > up for grabs.  

Upgrade this gift

Can you guess? Combine a Sanseviera with an Orchid & Fig NZ-made cover pot of course! The 3 Sansevieria I have left, fit in ALL the Orchid & Fig cover pots, like they were made for each other. Below is the last Sansevieria Moonshine in stock now, shown in the Jungle Palm Orchid & Fig cover pot.

Sansieveria Moonshine snake plant in an orchid and fig NZ made fabric cover pot

3. The care pack

For someone who you know has a few plants and a bit of a green thumb, level up with a thoughtful plant care pack combining plant care goodies like plant food and handy tools. Groconut plant food, and Urban Botanist cloning paste (shown below - beautiful packaging too!), would be my picks. Both are best sellers and often bought together. And both NZ made too, so you're keeping it local.

Shop Groconut >
Shop Urban Botanist >

Upgrade this gift 

Add a watering can! Surely they already having a watering can, right? Nope! For many it's one of those things they always intend to get around to buying but keep forgetting to. Plus even if they're one of the few who do own one, you need more than one so water can sit a while for chlorine to disperse before you water.

The Crew Watering Cans - in either grey-blue with blush handle > or sky-blue with white handle > - are my top pick. Budget-friendly in beautiful shades of blue. Plus you can hide the Groconut and Urban Botanist cleverly inside as a surprise.

Urban Botanist cloning paste box and tin in front of a Pothos N'Joy potted plant

4: The glow up 

For someone who enjoys propagating and growing from cuttings or from seed, a combo gift of plant food and a potting mat is a sure winner to get their grow on. Potting mats come in 3 sizes and 3 colours. My pick would be around 75cm x 75cm, as an ideal size for the most versatile use. I've got that size available in black or sky blue in the Crew Potting Mats. Now they can repot anywhere, anytime, indoors or out. No mess, easy clean-up. 

Definitely add some plant food to go with heir potting mat. A 25gram or 45gram of Groconut would be my choice. Groconut has special instructions for propagating and repotting to get those roots and new leaves growing, and reduce transplant stress when repotting. A match made in plant heaven. Groconut is NZ made too!

TIP: Groconut comes in glossy black packaging that looks extra nice as a gift combined with the black Crew Potting Mat > in particular.

Shop Crew Potting Mats >
Shop Groconut >

Upgrade this gift

Add cloning paste and they can clone their favourite plants like magic! My pick is always going to be NZ made so I'd go for Urban Botanist cloning paste, although I also stock the popular Crazy Keiki cloning paste that comes with a little starter kit of applicators. The packaging and tin that Urban Botanist comes in (above), are pretty beautiful though. Very gift-worthy, so it gets my top vote for both reasons.

Shop Urban Botanist >

Mega upgrade

Add an indoor greenhouse - like the ELlho Grow House Kit in small > or medium > - and you'll have created the ultimate growing gift for any plant lover. 

Groconut plant food in a pouch beside a baby Philodendron Heartleaf plant



5: The one-of-a-kind  

There's something extra special about pottery. Even more so when it's created by an NZ artist. We worked on a limited edition collab recently, each one-of-one, with NZ artist Blackshed Pottery. The collection is inspired by island holidays. The beautiful beaches and islands around the world we're dreaming of. As I write this there are just 5 left, and my top pick is the stunning Bahamas cover pot (below), in coral pink over speckled sand clay. A unique piece of art that makes any plant look amazing.

Shop the NZ pottery collection >

Upgrade this gift

Something this special doesn't need an upgrade, but if you add a plant store gift card you'll have really upped your gift giving game.


A pink and speckled clay cover pot inspired by the Bahamas made by NZ potter Blackshed Pottery


I do hope one or two of these gift ideas helps you tick another gift off your list this year. Any plant lover would be delighted to receive these. There's still time to ship before Christmas. The couriers are telling me cut-off as late as Monday 21st Dec will be okay but I'd plan ahead if you want guaranteed delivery and order now.

Anna @lovethatleaf



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