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Groconut - 350 gram tub

$87.00 NZD

Groconut reviews

"This groconut is a magic potion!!! Roots coming out everywhere!!!" @liviebes 

"Pumping out new growth with jaw dropping white variegation" @mistmistmistnz 

"I love using Groconut on my Hoyas! They absolutely love it... within a week there were already roots using Groconut... I was ecstatic! Also ressurected my watermelon peperomia with it. Amazing product!" @kcruz

"It's great.. my plants have boosted in 2 waterings" @plantednaked  

By nature. For nature.

100% natural Groconut is an environmentally-friendly, vegan, organic alternative to synthetic rooting stimulants and growth boosters. You absolutely can use it by itself for a growth boost, but for even better results, I'd recommend mix-feeding with a fertiliser. 

Groconut also helps plants take in maximum nutrients. Superb for cuttings to get those roots growing. Encourages new growth of lateral buds. Stimulates cell growth for bigger, healthier, faster-growing leaves and roots

1 tub makes 330+ litres

This is the new 350gram tub size in Groconut, also available in original 45 gram Groconut starter pack. The 350gm tub makes 330+ litres based on the lower end of the range (1/4 teaspoon per litre). That's the level I use when mix-feeding. More about dose, directions and mix-feeding coming up. At that level, the 350 gram tub works out at only 26 cents a litre, a significant saving from the 45 gram pouch at 42 cents per litre.

Made from baby coconut water

Groconut is made from fresh, organic, naturally nutrient-rich coconut water, from young green coconuts, in a concentrated powder formulaUse Groconut for propagation, transplanting, as a growth booster for roots and leaves, or in every water for general maintenance. Alter dosage to suit use (see directions below). 

As little as 1/4 teaspoon per litre

Dose varies (directions below), but I use 1/4 teaspoon per litre for my jungle as I mix-feed. You can go up to 1 teaspoon per litre. 



See the full Groconut directions for use here > 

Find out more about the science behind Groconut >

Groconut must do's 

Keep it cool: Best kept sealed, in the fridge. If that's just not going to work for you, then keep it sealed in a cool, dry place, away from water and out of direct sunlight (honestly though, it loves water, the fridge is pretty much a must). 

Keep it dry: Be careful. Groconut loves water! If water gets in, it'll turn into a solid. You can still use it, but it won't be as effective, so be paranoid and keep it dry! Keep sealed when not in use. Keep in the fridge. Only use a dry teaspoon every scoop. Before storing, squish extra air out, seal well, then store.

Why it 'stops working'

Bam! Crazy growth. Then nothing? The short answer is that Groconut doesn't 'stop' working, but the reason you might get an immediate boost in growth, then find things slows down after a while, is NOT because of Groconut. It's normally because you're not feeding.

To fuel that rapid growth boost, your plants will use up their stores of nutrients from itself and from the soil. 
Groconut is not a complete & balanced plant food, it's a growth booster, so don't stop feeding your usual food!

If you don't already have a go-to plant food, I've had great results with Foliage Pro and also with Plant Runner. If you don't replenish those vital nutrients, instead of growth you can end up with deficiencies and deformities. For best results, I highly recommend mix-feeding. 

More reviews

"Incredible product. I started using this in many different ways. First with propagation and I’ve noticed that my cuttings have taken root faster. One of the biggest things I’ve noticed is with my fiddle leaf fig. After feeding her with this product her two new leaves are twice the size of the previous leaves, it’s actually insane how huge they are in comparison. I’ve noticed an overall change in how healthy my plants look after just a few weeks of being fed with groconut! Thanks guys! Will be back for more!" @smarshall  

"Can’t rave enough about Groconut! I’ve never had much luck with any plants... since starting with Groconut I’ve not only kept my plants alive (and I now have a lot) but they’re growing at record speeds looking amazing and healthy and I’ve accomplished propagating!!! If you haven’t tried this product yet your missing out and most importantly your plant babies are missing out!!" @svitali 

"Love the product Groconut! I have been using this on all my seedlings, adding into my water propagation, and using on all my other plants. I have seen a great result after just 4 uses. Long roots and the healthiest leaves. Highly recommend. Thanks Groconut!" @mblaine 

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