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Urban Botanist Cloning Paste - 9 grams

$33.95 NZD

Grow baby grow! Urban Botanist Cloning Paste may look small but it packs a big growth boost in every pea-sized application. New Zealand formulated and produced, right here in Auckland, made for NZ growing conditions.

The natural lanolin base means it stays put when applied, even with watering - while it busily works away, tricking your indoor houseplant in to producing new shoots like magic.

The active ingredient in this clever cloning paste is cytokinin, which causes cell division and new shoot production. Another big benefit of being locally made is small batch production so when you choose Urban Botanist you know the plant hormone is F.R.E.S.H. 

Use it to fast-track growth on a new cutting, to help a mother plant recover after being chopped & propped, to encourage stems further down to put out new branches for bushier plants without having to cut off growth tips, and to give dormant or slow growers a kick to speed up.

Don't be too eager though, apply it to a maximum of 3 nodes or buds per plant or you'll use up your plant's energy and slow down growth. For best results we reckon go with 1 or 2 nodes / buds at a time. Some plants show dramatic results as soon as 1 week later, but 3 to 4 weeks is more typical depending on a few factors.

Make sure to check the full how to use instructions before first use, and watch the video below (note the video shows the old smaller bottles - the new bigger 9 gram tins give you more product for the same price).