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Baby Bio Orchid Food - 175ml

$15.99 NZD

Has your gorgeous Orchid ended up more foliage than flowers? If getting them to bloom year after year feels like a magic trick, then abracadabra! Baby Bio Orchid Food is what you need. This concentrated formula is the NPK balance Orchids need. Baby Bio Orchid encourages healthy, sturdy leaves, strong roots and flower spikes, and vibrant, big, long-lasting flowers. A little goes a long way. Just 5 to 10 drops per litre is all you need, every feed (5 drops for the smaller chaps and 10 for the bigger guys). This 175ml bottle will keep you (and your Orchids) going for ages. 


Reviews from verified buyers

"I have used this product for several years and found that all of the orchids have produced new stems and flowers the year after purchasing them. Before using this orchid food, I don't think there was even one! Well worth buying." 

"I love this product as it not only feeds my orchids but the blooms lifespan seems to be extended. The orchids are rich in colour with glorious shiny leaves and incredibiy healthy looking. Friends and family always comment on my orchids and can only attribute this to baby bio orchid food." 

"This product was recommended to me as my orchid had stopped flowering. The plant started growing again and now I've got three new branches ready to flower. Would recommend this product to anyone with orchid plants." 

"My not so green fingers need all the help from this fab orchid food which has produced large quantities of flowers on my orchid plants year after year. People think I have a special way with them but it is purely down to a weekly feed with baby bio."