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Baby Bio Original - 175ml

$11.90 NZD

The original, much-loved, liquid house plant food in its world-famous brown bottle with yellow ribbon. Britain's favourite plant food for over 60 years. Your mum knew what she was doing. Regular use of Baby Bio replaces lost nutrients in potted plants, providing the essential nutrients indoor houseplants need for strong roots and healthy leaves. Watch plants become lush again. Baby Bio got our Peace Lily gang finally flowering again! Balanced NPK ratio of 10.6 Nitrogen, 4.4 Phosphorus, 1.7 Potassium. 

Nitrogen helps foliage flourish. Phosphorus stimulates root growth.  Potassium improves overall health and disease resistance. A healthy plant is far less likely to get pests take up residence. 

Baby Bio Original is a super concentrated formula. One bottle will last you a long time. Add 5 to 10 drops per litre, every time you water (use the 10 drop dose in the warmer months when plants are actively growing, and for chaps in bigger pots). If you prefer to feed every second water, mix in half a capful per litre instead. Even at 10 drops per litre one bottle will make up to 350 litres! Super economical.

Baby Bio Original is also available in handy drip feeders for wet and forget feeding. Just pop one in your plant's pot and water as normal for up to 1 month on-demand food. 

Reviews from verified buyers

"I’m a professional gardener by trade... Baby bio is a product I have use for many years and always come back to because it gives my plants all the nutrients they need to flourish. This is one essential product which every house plant should have." Tim Rogerbecks

"The variegation on my Pothos is more obvious and it's getting more variegation throughout the whole plant. Also my Philodendron leaves are fuller, thicker and greener. Just beautiful. I've had both of these plants for 3 or 4 years and I know that it's definitely from Baby Bio. My verdict is a big, big thumbs up."  Abi (YouTuber Abi Bloom).

"My mum used this religiously! I now understand why - our plants are all thriving since I started using it." Steven Fritchley

"I have been using this product for around 40 years now and I am never without it. I use Baby Bio every time I water my plants - meaning all year round and my plants thrive on it." Mrs L. Evans 

"I've used Baby Bio since God was a lad and swear by it... my friends and family always comment on how talented I am at keeping and rescuing house plants but this praise should be reserved for this magical tincture, not lil ole me." @Raeco 

"This fertiliser actually works! I use this on my tropical plants, including aroids and even used this to revive an aroid which had to be cut down to one stem due after I’d overwatered it. That aroid has now put out a new leaf and another leaf is beginning to emerge less than two months after being cut down to one stem!"

"So, after a favourite 6 year old peace lily was on its last legs... Well....revival or what? That there plant is happy and flowering again, and I cannot believe it! It had not flowered for 2 years, and the leaves are beautifully lush. Do your pots a favour, go buy some Bio. I will always have some bio in the house now for my plants."