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Baby Bio Original - Drip Feeder

$4.99 NZD

The original, much-loved Baby Bio in a super convenient 40ml drip feeder. Takes care of feeding your plants for up to 1 month (we find it lasts longer in our smaller pots and in plants that need less frequent watering). Just snip off the tip, pop it in the pot, then water as usual. No mixing, no prep, nothing to count out, mix up or measure. Just super-easy, no-fuss plant care. Quite literally wet and forget! Baby Bio replenishes the nutrients your plants take from the soil. Promotes healthy, strong roots and lush foliage. Baby Bio is an NPK food, formulated specially for indoor houseplants, to give them a balanced ratio of Nitrogen, Phosphorus and Potassium. 

TIP: If you like to re-use and recycle like we do, although we haven't use them this way ourselves yet, we hear you can refill these easily. Just make up fresh from your Baby Bio Original 175ml Concentrate. Dilute the concentrate as normal, refill your drip feeder, and your plants are fed for another month. Done!  

Reviews from verified buyers

"These are really handy. Easy to pop in you just pull off the cap on the nib, stick it gently into your orchid pot and you get 4 weeks of drip feed, this actually "rescued" a baby orchid i have! New shoot appeared after 2 weeks, Really impressed, so I'll buy again when I need it. I only have 2 orchids so this was perfect for them, one is a baby too and I was worried it would be too much, but it's thriving on this stuff... they do look healthy with this added boost." @infiniti

"I got one of those to revive my Monstera that was looking a bit sad. It definitely perked her up and the one that I stuck in my mint vase brought it back LITERALLY from the dead. Makes you feel like you have "green fingers" without all the faff of mixing fertilisers and remembering when you give what to which plant."

"This is brilliant I always forget to feed the plants and before I know it they are dying so this is really handy just cut the tip off and push in to the soil job done." @brandygirl 

"I kept my 3 large orchids, put into a cold place for a couple of weeks, brought in, re-potted and used these drip feeders. A fantastic result, I now have the biggest, best flowers I have ever seen, certainly bigger than when I bought the plants. Love the orchids and love the baby bio feeders." Annie

"I love these for their ease of use; much easier and better consistency than having to mix the bottle fertiliser." Joel