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Burnet's African Violet Liquid Fertiliser

$11.99 NZD $12.99 NZD

** ON SALE + FREE SHIPPING this week while stocks last **

Give your gorgeous girls the good stuff. Burnet's African Violet Food is a bio-available, organic fertiliser for fast uptake, formulated specially for African Violets (which also makes it ideal for Gloxinia, Streptocarpus ('Cape Primrose') and other Gesneriads). We don't know if we're saying those right, but we do know our African Violets just love this stuff.

Burnet's is the go for strong, lush leaves and big, healthy, vibrant flowers. Gives them what they need to keep blooming too. One of our girls hadn't flowered for months even though she was in the same spot the rest of our (flowering) girls are. All we changed was to start using Burnet's and voila! Off she went. Flowering like mad. 2.5 Nitrogen: 1.3 Phosphorus: 1.8 Potassium. A special low nutrient food to avoid fertiliser burn for frequent feeding (we find normal houseplant fertiliser is too full on for our AV's). 

We love the clever built-in measuring reservoir too. Just fill it to the 5ml mark and pour. Mix 5mls per litre. Use fortnightly (or every time you water if less often than fortnightly). We recommend feeding AV's from the bottom. We soak our girls for max 30 minutes (usually less unless they really need a good drench). We avoid water on the leaves (although not sure if that's an old wive's tale or an AV rule!).

Either way, Burnet's is brown gold. AV heaven. Well worth a try for your AV gang. PS: Awesome value too. One 250ml bottle makes up to 50 litres!