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Crew Easy Trim Potting Drainage Mesh - Long 30cm x 10cm

$1.49 NZD

"I have used these now for both small and large pots that have the drainage holes. I love them. When excess water drains, it is nice to not have the soil coming out, too." JJ

"If you are a plantaholic, like me, buy these. They are so handy when potting your houseplants. They are sturdy. They can be used many times, as they don’t become rusted." @michelle_adsit

"I like to add one to the bottom of every pot with a drainage hole! Otherwise I lose dirt out the bottom. This helps everything stay contained. The mesh can be trimmed to any size you like." @rachael_h

Use this handy Pot Drainage Mesh to cover drainage holes simply and quickly when potting and repotting, helping prevent soil loss without blocking drainage holes, keeping soil free-draining.

Made of sturdy plastic. Won't rust or degrade. Reusable over-and-over. Firm but easy to trim with scissors or snips. Starts out 30cm long x 10cm wide, ready to trim to suit any size and enough for multiple pots. Change the shape. Round. Square. Small. Large. Anything you like! Easy to customise. Fine mesh holes measure just under 3mm gaps. You can use a doubled-up layer when using extra-fine substrate. Popular for Bonsai also.

Much better for your plants compared to adding a 'drainage layer' of pebbles or bark, plus a good excuse for a timely reminder... 

 Adding a layer to the bottom of the pot has been shown to INCREASE water retention, increasing the risk of root rot (see myth #1 here). Don't risk it. Use potting mesh instead.

These are part of our Crew Essentials range of basics for plant hobbyist that make caring for your plants easier, and your plants happier and healthier. Also includes watering cans, spray misters, soil moisture meters, mini propagation pots and more.

Although cheap, these are not intended to be thrown away. We hope you'll be mindful and re-use them every time you repot.