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Crew Marble Snips - Aquamarine

$12.99 NZD

Another newbie in the Crew Essentials gang are the Marble Snips, so named for their neat marbled pattern on the handles. These sturdy little chaps are full steel with dipped handles in a gorgeous shade of aquamarine. 

The price on these is awesome, so no, you won't be blown away by the quality. These aren't fancy Fiskars or Felco made of Swiss, German or Japanese steel. Far from it. Just sturdy cheapies that get the job done. 

Colour and price aside, my favourite thing about the Marble Snips is actually the long, blades with small tips. They get in to tricky, delicate spots with ease for accurate snipping, clipping, propping and tidy-ups. I use them on all my medium to larger indoor plants. Monstera, Philodendron, Pothos, Ficus and more. I wouldn't grab these for thicker, woodier stems or outdoor use. More suited for softer, flexible stems. 


They measure 20cm long, with the blades 8.5cms long. The spring keeps them open so all you need to do is gently squeeze to snip. They have a handy, attached, rubber loop at the bottom that keeps them closed when not in use.

Yes they're cheap, but that doesn't mean they're single-use throw-aways, so I it's worth taking care of them to extend their life. Wipe the blades after use. They come oiled but when it runs out it's worth a drop or two of clipper, sewing or scissor oil so they don't rust (any steel should be stored oiled).