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Crew Potting Mat - Shell Large 75 x 75cm

$18.90 NZD

Crew Potting Mats make potting and repotting a joy. If you love plants, but not the mess or clean-up, or don't have a dedicated area for repotting, this is the solution you need. Use it on any bench-top, the coffee table while you watch tv, the dining room table, even the floor, anywhere is fine when you have a potting mat as it protects the surface and keeps mess contained. Makes potting and repotting much more enjoyable.

Folds flat or rolls up to pop away when not in use. When you need it, snap the 4 corners together, and you've got a water-resistant* mess-proof mat to use anywhere, anytime. When finished, un-do one corner to tip leftover soil out to keep and reuse. Then un-snap the corners, fold flat or roll up, and pop away for next time. Done!

Such a simple, practical solution every plant lover will appreciate. Superb price too. They come folded flat but if you store it rolled up the fold marks in the fabric disappear over time. Doesn't change use, just looks nicer :) Although cheap, these are made to use again and again. This is not a throw away or single-use product.

TIP: Makes a great pressie for a reluctant re-potter who loves their plants but hates the mess and clean-up!

The specs: The Crew Potting Mat in Shell, a lovely baby pink. Woven nylon one side with a water-resistant coating on the inside. Stitched, black, woven edges and 4 sturdy snap-close corners. Nice big snaps too, not fiddly, and they stay securely snapped close during use. 1 size only in Shell: Large is 75cm x 75cm. *Note the coating on the inside of the material makes potting mats water resistant and splash proof, but not fully waterproof, no paddling pool for ducklings here ;)

The size is measured flat, not when the corners are snapped closed (if you're unsure you can go up a size - you can get the Extra Large in both Grass green and Midnight black). For smaller, go for Midnight (black) instead, which comes in medium 50 x 50cm, large 75 x 75cm, or extra large 100 x 100cms (available separately). 

Colours: Shell (baby pink), Midnight (black), Sky (pastel blue), and Grass (green). Midnight, Sky and Grass available separately.