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Cubus Terrarium Kit with Light

$75.00 NZD

The Cubus Terrarium can be used as a wet or dry terrarium, (lots of plant suggestions below), but also doubles as a mini propagation tank, or even a nano fish tank (although I'd save it for aquatic plants, not for fish). The Cubus measures 15cms square (15 x 15 x 15 cms), and comes with cover, pedestal base, and mini light all included.  

What's in the kit?

  • 15cm water-tight square glass tank (with built-in pedestal base underneath).
  • Acrylic removable cover with cut-out for light.
  • Clip-on mini light (with NZ plug).

What plants is it for?

That depends how you want to use your Cubus. Here are some ideas for plant options for different set-ups...

As a terrarium

You can set up your Cubus as a wet or dry terrarium according to the plants you choose. A wet terrarium is a bit like a mini greenhouse, ideal for plants that prefer conditions moist and humid, such as African Violets, Ferns, Begonia and most tropical foliage house plants that come from rainforest habitats. A dry terrarium is ideal for cacti, succulents, air plants and more.

There are so many terrarium plant options! Including: African Violets, String of Turtles, baby Philodendrons, Airplants, baby / small-leaf Hoyas, Jewel Orchids, Succulents, Cacti, Moss, Ferns, small-leaf Peperomia, carnivorous plants, Spider Plants, baby Begonia and many more. If going for multiples, combine plants with similar preferences for substrate and watering.

As a prop tank

You can also set up your Cubus as a mini prop tank. The top cover is removable so it's easy to put mini pots inside, or plant cuttings and babies directly into the substrate of your choice. If you want to get that humidity extra-high, you can also cover the light cut-out in the lid, however I find the enclosed sides and small opening in the top creates a warmer, more humid habitat nicely. 

For aquatic plants

Because the Cubus can also be used as a nano fish tank, it's water-tight, so can also be used to grow aquatic plants either fully submerged, or partially submerged. There are the most amazing range of aquatic plants to be discovered too (warning: aquatic plants are just as addictive as indoor plants!). 

Some of my favourites include Anubias, Pennywort and the Marble Queen Sword (love those variegated leaves). Keep in mind some aquatic plants will need a heater in winter (not included). You can buy a heat pad to sit your tank on, or add a mini submersible heater, or just keep your tank in a heated room.


Tips for use


Lots of options to match what the plants you choose prefer to grow in, including Lechuza Pon and Leca for semi-hydro, or Spagmoss for most types of cuttings. For African Violets and Begonia my go-to would be Spag Moss for cuttings or Bio Leaf African Violet blend for rooted leaves and baby plants. For Hoyas I'd go for Fern Fibre

Hydro & semi-hydro 

Perfect for a terrarium or for giving semi-hydro substrates a go, such as Leca or Lechuza Pon. If you're new to semi-hydro, plants such as Syngonium, Pothos and baby Peace Lilies are all great starter plant options to try first. For smaller terrariums go for slower growers.


The mini light (included with the kit), simply clips-on so you can use your Cubus with or without the light. Keep in mind it's only a small light, fine for supplemental light but wouldn't be enough if it's the only light source for growth. The light is a simple on or off, so is compatible with a plug-timer if you want it on automatic (plug timer not included). The cord is just over 1.7 metres long, giving you enough reach to have it on your office desk, coffee table or kitchen bench.

...for fish too?

In my opinion, no. Personally I would NOT recommend this tank be used as a fish tank long-term, even for Betta, unless you only plan to house a fish in here as a holding tank temporarily, or for raising fry or baby fish as a grow-out tank short-term, or as 
quarantine tank. Much better for aquatic plants than fish :)

Kit includes tank on pedestal base, cover and clip-on corded light with NZ plug. Fish, plants and other accessories shown in some photos are not included. One photo doesn't show the cord, but this is the corded model with plug, as mentioned in what comes with the kit (the light is not cordless).


Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Toni Cadman-Kennedy
Cute for small things

Brought this in preparation for some special plants. Not quite as big as I thought but still a very handy piece of equipment. My Ring of fire has put out so many very variegated leaves under the light. Looking forward to putting some Hoyas in there. If I had the dollars I would put a few round the house!

Cubus Terrarium Kit with Light

Cute. I use it to grow my baby plants. Happy with the purchase. Anna from love that leaf has always been reliable. Thanks

It's nice

Quite happy with the overall quality on the cube. the light is a bit stiff to position and the factory print on the bendy cable is a bit sore on the eye but other than that I'm happy.

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