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Fiddle Leaf Fig (Ficus Lyrata)

$69.90 NZD

Here he is folks. The chap we've all been waiting for. I went on a nursery mission to find enough Fiddle Leaf Figs to fulfill a special order, and couldn't resist getting one extra for you guys. Lucky last and he's a stunner. If you see 'F1' on his photo, that's all him.

I quarantine new arrivals for at least a week and in the short time he's been hanging out with me, he already looks even more impressive than his photos. He's relaxed and stretched out those huge green leaves. It's hard not to fall for a Fiddle Leaf Fig. Those giant, glossy green leaves turn any room insta-worthy. Hello instant jungle! 

This handsome chap's a sucker for bright, indirect light. Same as others in the Ficus fam, he won't like the cold or being in the path of a breeze. Keep his soil lightly, evenly moist. Too dry is better than too wet. Read the full Ficus Lyrata Care Guide for more goss on keeping him gorgeous.

This boy's already an impressive 60cms tall (measured from the bottom of his pot). He's in a 17cm diameter x 16cm tall nursery pot. A very lush, bushy boy with his biggest leaf already a whopping 24cm long!

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