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Grow Stick + Bendy Arm - MIDI

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There are some things you can totally get away with pinching pennies on when it comes to plant supplies, but I wouldn't normally be one to recommend doing that with lights. 

So I won't.

The Grow Stick MIDI is what you'd expect for the price. It will do the job when your babies need a boost - but when you can't justify spending hundreds to give them a 'proper' grow light (Soltech are my absolute favourites budget allowing - those are the ones you see most PlantTubers using - serious light goals).

But back to these cheapies. The price won't break your budget and they do the job to boost low light areas, or to pop over a tank or heat pad for propagating babies. The LED's themselves are rated for 10,000+ hours, so no worries there, but it's the components that are just basic. Nothing high-end or fancy-pants here, hence the low price. No fancy packaging. Yes, your Mum was right, you do get what you pay for. 

I'm using mine for supplemental light for my variegated jungle members. They are definitely bright, but not put-on-your-sunglasses bright. Best used to extend light hours in winter, for mornings and afternoons, to boost low light areas, for variegated plants needing a boost without risking direct sunlight, and for helping baby plants get established faster. I'm currently using one over a collection of babies on a heat pad, and another one is being shared by a Manjula baby, String of Turtles and a Syngonium Albo.

 What size is the MIDI? 

Grow Sticks come in two sizes. This is the MIDI, which is the longer and higher output of the two. The light stick itself measures 21cms, and the arm by itself measures 28cms. The Midi works best when the bendy arm and plug are vertical.

The shorter Grow Stick MINI measures 13cms (the arm is still the same 21cm length), and is the better choice for using both vertical or horizontal, as it's lighter and shorter. I love the firm, bendy arm these come with to position them right where you want them.


 What's in the box? 

Grow Sticks come with the LED light stick and the bendable arm, as shown in the photos (plants in the photos are not included). They need a charging brick (I use my old iPhone charger), which is not supplied. The MIDI (that's this model) is 5 watts, and the MINI is 3 watts. Either way, energy consumption is minimal. 

 What colour light do they produce? 

These are the type of light that glow neon pink, because it's a combination of red and blue LED's designed to support photosynthesis for bigger yet compact growth, helping reduce leggy stems while supporting foliage growth. The red LED's are 640nm wavelength and the blue are 460nm

Although plants primarily need the red and blue wavelengths in the spectrum to grow, the white full-spectrum lights are becoming more popular these days for aesthetics (not everyone likes the neon pink glow). As far as the plant is concerned, it's the red and blue they really want, so whether white or pink, yours plant will love the extra light.

 How to you set it up? 

Easy peasy. 1. Peel the protective clear plastic off the light before first use. 2. The Grow Stick plugs into the arm, and the arm plugs into a phone adapter (not included). 3. Plug the phone adapter into the wall or power board. 4. Adjust the arm to the position you want, turn on and you're done!

The fittings are all standard USB (USB A). Position the light at least 10cms or higher above your plants (higher is better for very light-sensitive plants like highly variegated). Switch on and grow!

They do get warm to the touch after running for a while, but not as much as a lightbulb or more powerful grow lights do. Turn off at the wall and let the light cool down for a couple of minutes before touching. 

 Can you change the light settings? 

No, it just is what it is. The MIDI has 27 LEDs, 18 red and 9 blue. Lumens are 301LM/W. The red wavelength is 660nm and blue is 460nm. The ports are standard USB A. You just 'plug and go' so can't change the brightness, colour output, or timer. 

Buying as a gift? Please note these come as they are, with no fancy 'retail packaging' or box or anything special (beyond being wrapped safely for getting to you without breaking of course). 

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