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Grow Wand - Clip-On DOUBLE Grow Light Kit

$38.00 NZD

"Magic lights! Such a game changer. Noticeable difference with my plants. Very easy to use. Good quality, clip on sturdy, no heat. Very smart buy, very good price. Plus they make a nice night light :)" Paige Clunie 


Grow Wands are customisable LED grow light kits that emit white, full spectrum light to give your indoor plants a light boost. The strong clip attaches to your plant shelf or table-top and each of the strong, flexible arms can be positioned separately to direct light towards your plants that need a little extra TLC (that stands for Tender Lighting Care of course). Lights run cool to the touch and are water resistant for high-humidity environments.

Grow Wands are a complete kit designed to make the often confusing world of grow lights so much easier for indoor plant hobbyists. This kit includes everything you need to light up your plant shelves or cabinet, prop box or prop tank. The controller gives you 5 custom settings and a built-in timer (no app needed). Lights run cool to avoid burning delicate leaves. Great combination with a heat mat over winter.

What's included in the kit?

  • 2 adjustable-arm grow light wands
  • In-line controller
  • USB cord*
  • Cool-touch, white, full-spectrum LED grow lights
  • Run single or double wands
  • Customisable: 5 brightness, 3 light intensity and 3 timer modes 

*USB cord compatible with any standard USB A plug adaptor or charging brick, such as a phone adaptor (adaptor not included). 

Both Grow Wands and Grow Bars have a built-in timer for 2, 4 or 8 hours, so do nto work with external timers. If you want an external timer to set the times you want lights to come on and turn off automatically using a plug timer or similar, a grow bulb (like Sansi) is the way to go instead.

What's a Grow Wand suitable for?

An easy solution for a smaller collection needing more light, for a light boost to get through winter, for lower light areas all year-round, or when you start getting into more high-maintenance plants, especially to keep up with the higher-light requirements of variegated plants. Also gives a light boost to help you propagate all year-round.

This kit is 'plug and play' with no fancy set-up, separate bulbs or light fittings needed. No adhesive tape or screws required. Simply 'clip and glow'. Plug in to the wall using your phone adaptor (or any standard USB A adaptor or charging brick)* 

The strong clip attaches to shelves up to 2.5cms thickGreat solution to cover 2 plant shelves with only one plug needed. Just attach between shelves, and position one wand for the shelf above, and one for the shelf below. Built-in controller and timer gives you full control over run-time, light intensity, brightness and more. 

Choose your custom settings

The Grow Wand comes with a built-in controller.

TIMER: Go manual for always on, or choose from 3 auto modes for 4 hours, 8 hours or 12 hours on.

INTENSITY: Choose from 3 light intensity settings. Low, medium or high*

BRIGHTNESS: Pick from 5 brightness levels. 20% - 40% - 60% - 80% or 100%.

SINGLE or DOUBLE: Choose to run single or double (both wands on or only one wand on).


*Intensity controls how many of the LEDS light up at once. Brightness can be set independently to intensity. You can 'mix and match' the above settings. For example: 8 hours, one wand on, medium intensity, full brightness. 

Measurements & materials

Each Grow Wand measures 25cms long x 1.5cms wide. Just the light strips measure a smidge over 21cms long each (25cms total length includes the protective caps at either end). This kit comes with 2 wands included. The adjustable arms each measure 29cms long. The USB cord* measures 1.4 metres long

Combined you have 10 watts and 5 volts for low energy consumption, with 18 LED full-spectrum chips per bar for 36 total, which use the newer-tech SMD 5730 LEDs for a wider angle of light and brighter output. The LED strips are encased in a tube to stay cool to the touch, and water resistant for use in high humidity environments. 

What's the light wavelength?


The light wavelength ranges from 400 to 840 nm depending on the settings you choose. Nm stands for nanometers, which measures the wavelengths of the light produced. Plants require light in the 400 to 700 nm range to photosynthesize, known as PAR (Photosynthetically Active Radiation). It's not the brightness (how it appears to us), but the PAR that matters to our plants.

What does full spectrum mean?

Full-spectrum doesn't mean sunlight. It refers to the CRI or Colour Rendering Index being over 90, meaning the light produced is much the same as how we see colours in our natural world lit by daylight. Although the traditional 'neon pink' grow lights that combine red and blue to produce a pinky-purple light, are focused on the red and blue spectrum that benefit plants the most to support growth, not everyone likes that pinky glow! Grow Wands light up cool-white.

NZ Guarantee

All electrical products), bought from Love That Leaf come with an automatic 6 month warranty that covers manufacturing faults or defects (in other words, anything you did not cause and could not have prevented) but the Grow Wands come with an extended 1 year warranty. As a customer I've always hated the hassle of returns, so as a business I make it as fast and hassle-free as I can for you, and cover all costs (applies to NZ purchases and use within NZ only). More about returns

*Note this kit has a USB cord, so requires an adaptor / charging brick (not included), such as a standard USB A phone charger. Kit will be carefully packaged in a plain box to avoid damage, however does not come with any fancy packaging. Plants and plant shelves not included.

Customer Reviews

Based on 28 reviews
Liz Laban

My plants are growing quicker than they were without the Grolights.

Maclean Dallas
Love it!

Currently obsessed with this light and have just ordered another. I set up a beautiful plant corner with this light and am now doing another in a different room. I can now have plants anywhere in my home. They are no longer restricted to the sunny rooms only!

Saved the day for my tomatoes!

Early blight meant I lost my crop of 18 beautiful tomato plants I had started in the winter light in my small conservatory. By early spring the light had left but with the help of this easy to adjust grow light I was able to start a late crop. Thank you lovethatleaf for a quality product, eco friendly packaging, personal note. The courier loved your sticker! Gave us a thumbs up 👍 we give you a thumbs up as well 👍

Patricia Howe

My plants are loving the grow wand, as am I. All the settings I can play with are great as well. I will be getting at least 2 more


Great lights, very easy to attach to anywhere, and the settings are very easy to use. Have already purchased another!

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