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H2O Cordless Humidifier 1.1 Litre - Snow

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"I love this humidifier! So easy to set up and start using. The sleek simple look goes great in any room and it truly does work so well. I especially love running it at night." @se_us 

"I used to mist with a spray bottle. I didn't want a big blocky unit as I need to be able to move it around the house as needed per plant groupings. I love the fact it doesn't have to be plugged in. I have well over 70 houseplants so this little unit's perfect for moving it around to make sure all the plants get some lovin'." @MiSsA

"Love this humidifier. Bought it to serve as a portable to put by my plants, but use it for anywhere it's needed. Great design, minimal, sleek and user friendly. Easy to use, fill, clean etc... Love the handle! I would highly recommend. I need to buy a couple more!" @alma_soto  


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The H2O Smart Humidifier


Portable and wireless. Big 1.1 litre capacity. 4 mist settings. 4 light settings. Up to 12 hrs cordless run-time, or up to 40 hrs corded. The 1.1 litre comes in Sage or Snow. This is for the Sage, a lovely earthy, soothing grey-green.


Do your plants need a humidifier?

Humidity is about more than just spoiling your plants. Many of our favourite indoor houseplants come from naturally tropical habitats with high humidity. Our heated and air conditioned homes cause them to suffer, even more so in homes with a fireplace, DVS or HRV system which take precious moisture from the air.

Calathea, Stromanthe, String of Turtles, Orchids, Ferns... the list goes on of high humidity lovers. Signs to watch out for that more humidity's needed include leaves with brown edges and tips and curling or wilting leaves even when you're meeting their soil water needs. For flowering plants, also look for buds that fail to develop, or drop before they open, and flowers that shrivel soon after opening. 


Long run-time. 

Plug in and run corded for to to 40 hrs per fill. USB cord included, which plugs directly in to a standard USB power board, a laptop or computer, or use your phone or speaker charger brick and plug in to the wall. Or run cordless for up to 12 hrs run-time and locate your H2O anywhere you like. Completely portable and wireless

Locate your plants in the best position for their needs, and your humidifier can go to them. Take turns and give all your plants a share without moving anyone. No more restrictions having to be near a power outlet. No more ugly, messy cords.

4 mist modes + auto shut-off.

4 levels to adjust output to your plant's needs...

Level 1: Single Intermittent. Mist on 1.5 secs, off 1.5 secs, from a single outlet only. Run-time up to 12 hrs cordless from a full charge, or up to 40 hrs corded, on a full tank.

Level 2: Double Intermittent. Cycles one outlet on 1.5 seconds, then the other on 1.5 seconds. Run-time up to 6 hrs cordless from a full charge, or up to 20 hrs corded, on a full tank.

Level 3: Single Continuous. Turns one outlet on full (and the other off). Run-time up to 5 hrs cordless from a full charge, or up to 15 hrs corded, on a full tank.

Level 4: Double Continuous. For serious humidity lovers, for dry, heated homes. Maximum for serious mist with both outlets on full. Run-time up to 4 hrs cordless from a full charge, or up to 10 hrs corded, on a full tank.

Note exact run times vary due to water level, charge, mist mode, lights on/off, air temperature & humidity.

Relax knowing your H2O will switch itself off automatically when the water level gets too low. 

4 light modes.

This ones purely for us with 4 light modes. You can use this model mist-only, light-only, or both.

The first press is the Night Light. A gentle, blue-white light. Second press is Colour Cycle. Ambient light appears through the holes around the base, gently cycling through sapphire blue, forest green, turquoise, yellow, orange, pink, ruby red and everything in-between. Very peaceful watching the colours blend and change. 

The moment you see a colour you love, third press is custom Single Colour Selector that stays on the single colour of your choice, turning cycle mode off. Prefer no light? No worries. The fourth press turns the lights off and you can run mist only. 


H2O humidifer colour change H2O humidifer colour changeH2O humidifer colour change H2O humidifer colour changeH2O humidifer colour change H2O humidifer colour change

Perfect size. 16cm x 13cm.

Ideal dimensions to nestle in among your plants, on plant shelves, on the floor or windowsill nearby, measuring 16cm tall and just over 13cm wide. 


Rapid charge.

Rechargeable lithium ion battery with 4 blue LED lights showing charge level. Initial charge needs to be minimum 2 hrs before first use. Full charge 3.5 hrs. 

How to get set up. 

Check the full set-up directions here > 

This model fits 2 LARGE wicks (2 included). Wicks need replacing every 3 months or so. You can get more here with your humidifier now, or later when needed.

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"Anna was brilliant. Order placed and sent the next day. Received in awesome packaging. Couldn’t ask for more... will definitely use you again and again and again. Highly recommend." Scott Guthrie 

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"Super impressed with this business. Something that is lost nowadays, is customer service. This however is not the case with Anna from “Love that Leaf”. Very happy with my purchase, very happy with the product information provided and very happy with the quick shipping and great packaging. Thanks!" Melayna Anderson

"By far the best customer care I've had in a long time. Website is such a wealth of information and the email with instructions for use after my purchase was fantastic. The pipette for measuring the correct amount was such a great inclusion, and the personalised message on the package was very cool. Definitely my go to shop for plant supplies now. Thanks Love That Leaf! A+++" Karyn Wilson