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H2O Smart Humidifier 750ml - Blush

$49.90 NZD


"This is amazing. I use it for my tropical plants and they are doing a lot better!" Marcel Pean 

"This produces more moisture than my other, bigger humidifier I have. It’s perfect for my plants and can be moved around easily." @deb_1224

"I purchased two of these for my house plants. These are the perfect size and put out a perfect amount of fine mist amongst my tabletop groupings. I would definitely recommend." Carly Amber

"I love humidifiers and this is by far one of the best ones I’ve had. Very stylish. It holds a lot of water. It’s super easy to assemble. Perfect size and stays filled for a full day. No noise at all making it even more enjoyable. Very simple to clean." @plantz_4us

"Holy muthaaaaaa!!!!!! Love every inch of this little thing!" @Julia

The H2O Smart Humidifier


Portable, wireless, big capacity, long run time... there's SO much to love about the new H2O Smart Humidifier... and that's all before you get to the design. 

4 gorgeous colourways. Available now in Snow and Blush, coming soon in new Powder, all in the 750ml size, and in Sage in the extra large 1.1 litre capacity. This is for Blush in the 750ml. A beautiful blush pink with just a hint of peach. 


Do your plants need a humidifier?

Humidity is about more than just spoiling your plants. Many of our favourite indoor houseplants come from naturally tropical habitats with high humidity. Our heated and air conditioned homes cause them to suffer, even more so in homes with a fireplace, DVS or HRV system which all take precious moisture from the air.

Calathea Orbifolia, Stromanthe Triostar, Philodendron Pink Princess, String of Turtles, Orchids, Ferns... the list goes on and on of high humidity lovers. Signs to watch out for that your plants are asking you to raise their humidity include leaves with brown edges and tips and curling or wilting leaves even when you're meeting their soil watering needs. For flowering plants, also look for buds that fail to develop, or drop before they open, and flowers that shrivel soon after opening. Winter can be so much worse for our tropics loving plants too.

PS: Superb for our health as well, especially as a desk humidifier to combat dry, air conditioned offices. 


Long run-time. Up to 28 hours. 

The 750ml capacity provides an impressive 28 hours of humidity for your plant's happiness, with 2 humidity modes, continuous or intermittent.

Plug in (cord included) and run corded for continuous use (up to 28 hours per fill on Intermittent Mode). USB cord included, which plugs directly in to a standard USB power board, a laptop or computer, or simply use your phone charger and plug in to the wall.

Or (my favourite mode), run cordless for up to 7 hours run-time and locate your H2O Smart Humidifier anywhere you like. Completely portable and wireless. Now you can locate your plants in the best position for their needs, and your humidifier can go to them. No more restrictions to be near a power outlet. No more ugly, messy cords to wrangle with.

2 mist modes + auto shut-off.

Intermittent Mode 
cycles between 3 seconds on, 2 seconds off, extending the run-time when cordless. Continuous Mode provides a full, constant mist.

One 750 ml fill lasts up to 28 hours in Intermittent Mode, or up to 18 hours in Continuous Mode when plugged in.

Or go cordless and pick Intermittent Mode for a long 7 hours cordless run-time - or 5 hours cordless run-time when in Continuous Mode.  

You can relax knowing your H2O Smart Humidifier will switch itself off automatically when the water level gets too low. Super easy to refill and keep clean too. Just unscrew the top, revealing the large capacity water reservoir inside.


H2O Smart Humidifier settings



3 light modes with LED colour selector

Okay, this ones purely for the humans in the house. There are 3 light modes. Colour Cycle, or Single Colour Selector, or Off.

The first press is the Colour Cycle. Ambient light appears through the holes you see in the top, gently cycling through everything from deep sapphire blue to forest green, bright turquoise to white, yellow to pink and everything in-between. It's very peaceful, almost hypnotic watching the colours blend and change. The mist looks so neat lit up with the different colours at night too.

Then the moment you see a colour you really love, the second press selects that single colour to stay on, turning cycle mode off. Prefer no light? No worries. The third press turns the lights off and you can just run the mist only. 


H2O Smart Humidifier LED lights greenH2O Smart Humidifier LED lights dark greenH2O Smart Humidifier LED lights blueH2O Smart Humidifier LED lights pink

Ideal size for plant shelves

The H2O Smart Humidifier has the perfect dimensions to nestle in among your plants, right on your plant shelves, measuring just under 18cm tall and a smidge under 10cm wide. 

Plus, oh my goodness, it looks so good too. The Blush colourway looks particularly gorgeous in amongst white and pink pots for that scandi vibe, especially when combined with wood plant shelves, or makes a minimalist, modern statement standing out in a monochrome or dark colour scheme.

H2O Smart Humidifier dimension measurements


Rapid charge.

When running cordless, the LED lights will flash red 3 times when the battery's low and needs recharging. Change to corded mode, or plug in for a quick charge.

The rechargeable battery is new tech lithium ion for a longer lifetime. No need to wait for it to fully discharge before recharging. Charge and use at any level. 

The initial charge needs to be a minimum of 2 hours before first use. A full charge is 3.5 hours, for up to 7 hours cordless use. I use mine cordless every day. I pop it on charge when I get home, turn it off when I go to bed, then turn it on in the morning and run it cordless all day when I'm at work. 

How to set up your H2O Smart Humidifier

Easy peasy. Check the full set-up directions here >


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"Love it. Exactly as I expected. Really user friendly. Charge and go. Actually a really nice looking, quality product." @manj

"This is exactly what I wanted, small, beautiful, wireless, and great quality. 5 stars." @mg_cha