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Hanging Pot - Elho B.For Soft Air - White

$35.90 NZD

You don't need fewer plants, you need more places to put them! We love Elho's Air hanging pot for expanding your jungle vertically. Comes with cord and hook included. Cord fully adjustable for hanging heights from 50cm to 100cm. Strong too! Holds up to 2kgs (about 1.5L). Nicely fits a 14cm nursery pot inside, or you can plant straight in. Measure 18cm wide by 16cm tall. This is for the white, which shows off any colour foliage beautifully. We have these in Anthracite also, which is a charcoal grey that looks extra fab coupled with lighter, brighter or variegated foliage. These pots look great grouped in 2's or 3's with cords adjusted to different heights. 

PRO TIPS: Rated for outdoor use too (UV protected). We love these orbs combined with hanging and vining chaps like String of Pearls, Chain of Hearts, vining Philodendron and Pothos, Ivy and trailing succulents like Burro's Tail. Pot in through the holes, or remove the top half for easier access. Designed for indoor use so no drainage hole so they don't leak. We use ours with the nursery pot in rather than planting in as it's easy to remove for watering, and the gap in the curve below the pot catches excess water - but you can drill a hole in the base when using them outdoors. There's a clever little cord release down near the pot end so you can easily get the pot down for watering without taking the whole thing down if you do plant fully in.