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Hanging Pot - Elho Brussels - 18cm Black

$32.99 NZD

There's always room for more plants. Especially when you go up!


"Simple design. I love the fact that i can unhook the pot base and leave the cord hanging from the top. This allows me to check the plant soil without having to get up on a step ladder to take the whole thing down." @l_noel 


"These are really lovely, I wanted something that wasn’t too heavy but would make it easier to water my indoor plants without soaking the floor. These are perfect and match the elho planters I have already." @zan_plan


The Elho Brussels Hanging Pot is a classic minimalist shape that keeps the focus on your plants. The clever, strong, woven rope hanging system un-hooks at the bottom for super simple watering, no ladder needed to unhook from the top. 


The pot itself measures 18cm tall x 18.3cm wide to fit all nursery pots up to 18cm. For smaller pots add pebbles under the nursery pot inside to lift it up. Impressive capacity. Can handle right up to 8kgs! The woven cord hangs 45cms long with ring at the top and 3 hooks which attach at the bottom to the loops on the pot, with everything included. It also doubles as a cover pot if you remove the ropes.


Available in crisp White or matte Black. This is for the Black. Anything hanging or vining looks extra fab in this. Especially Ferns, Spider Plants, vining Pothos and Philodendron. If you flick through the photos you'll see Strawberry Begonia, happily sending her wee pups over the edge, Peperomia Scandens and a Marble Queen.