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Humidifier LARGE Filter Core Wick Refill - Single

$0.99 NZD

The 1.1 litre H2O Smart Humidifiers use these larger cotton core wicks, just trim shorter to size.

This is for ONE large size filter core wick refill, which will last on average 3 months (see below about how to extend this, what to avoid that shortens how long they last, and what to look for to know when to replace them).

Note the 1.1 litre H2O Smart Humidifier needs 2 if you want to change both at once. It comes with 2 wicks already included so you should be good to go for a few months before needing to replace them.

Each large wick refill measures 19cm long x 10mm diameter. Always keep your old cores to match the length when your new core arrives so you can trim to size, which is easy to do.

How long does a humidifer filter core wick last?

It varies depending on use, but a core tends to last 1 to 6 months, on average it's recommended you check and replace your core every 3 months (4 times a year). Running in a dusty or smoky environment will mean your core needs replacing more often. Harder water with higher mineral content can also shorten the core life. Running your humidifier on low or intermittent can up to double how long one core lasts.

To extend the life of each core, keep surrounding surfaces wiped clean of dust and floor area vacuumed / swept clean. You can also soak the filter in vinegar (just the filter, not the whole humidifier, always take the core out to soak it), once a month to dissolve water deposits.

If you notice any mould or discolouration from dust / minerals etc, it's definitely time to change the filter. Continuing to use a dirty or blocked filter can end up with dirt, dust or minerals making their way in to the filter itself and damaging your humidifier beyond repair.