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Love That Leaf Tall Propagation Vase - Amethyst

$11.90 NZD

No more squishing cuttings in to teeny tiny test tubes that restrict root growth and need constant water top-ups. Take your propagation station to the next level. Give your precious cuttings plenty of room to grow lovely, long, healthy roots. Combine the practical with the insta-worthy with these Love That Leaf Propagation Vases. This for the tall prop vase in a gorgeous soothing shade of amethyst purple.

Such a good size too! Big enough for roots to spread out and develop properly, both sideways and lengthways, and holds plenty of water to avoid constant water top-ups. Still small enough so delicate cuttings won't fall in and rot, plus they won't take up silly amounts of room on your bench or shelf. A perfect size to line up on a window-sill, plant shelf, desk-top or side-table. 

These easily fit 2, 3 or more cuttings depending on stem size, but do look extra lovely with just the one cutting per vase. They come in 3 colours, Amethyst (purple), Pink Lemonade (a gorgeous shell pink), and Turkish Blue (a chill ocean blue with a hint of green). Get all 3 for the perfect grouping. 

The neck is about the same width as a standard test tube, but then there's all that lovely room below for roots to grow and spread out before potting up. I love that ledge at the top for delicate leaves to rest on without falling in.

*Vase only - plant cutting not included* 

The specs

The tall measures 16cms tall x 5cms wide, with the neck opening an ideal 2cm wide to keep leaves out of the water and upright. Nice and sturdy too. Made of glass but not scary-thin. They hold bang-on 250ml when filled to the top to avoid the annoying constant water top-ups with those very cute, but realistically too-tiny, other prop stations.

This range also comes in wide, which measure 11cms tall x 7.5cms wide and hold 300ml (available separately in matching colours).

Care for your cuttings

I dip my cuttings in Clonex to seal them and promote faster, healthier root growth, and add Foliage Pro every time I change the water. If you have Groconut on hand that's superb to add in also for a growth boost. 

I have a few cuttings on the go all the time so I make up a mix with 1 ml of Foliage Pro per 1.5 litres, add a 1/4 teaspoon of Groconut, give it a mix, then change everyone's water at once.

Clonex stops the risk of air bubbles getting up and blocking water uptake in the stem too, so you don't have to panic about cuttings being out of water (I do tend to cheat though and just pour fresh water in to displace the old water without removing my cuttings - so quick and easy and it helps aerate the water too so roots get an oxygen boost).

Care for your vase

As they aren't paper thin glass, I expect they are dishwasher safe, but personally I'd play it safe and recommend 
rinsing them clean by hand when needed, just in case