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Milk Box Mini Plant Humidifier - Strawberry

$34.90 NZD

*Limit one per customer*

What's not to LOVE about this super duper adorable Milk Box Mini Humidifier, available in Strawberry (a peachy-pink with metallic rose gold lettering), or Vanilla Mint (crisp white with a bright turquoise-mint). I first saw one in the background on a plant YouTuber's video and of course had to have one (for myself, and to share with you guys too - win win!).  

This little desktop humidifier is the perfect mini size to nestle in amongst your humidity-loving plants, which - let's face it - is almost every tropical indoor plant we lust over here in NZ.

I use mine on the shelf with my String of Turtles, Stromanthe Triostar and Philodendron Pink Princess babies once they graduate from being in their Grow Pod. It helps them adjust to 'shelf life' in the real world, outside their protective, high-humidity dome, keeps them growing happily, and helps protect from those dreaded dry, crispy ends. Great for any humidity lover, including Calathea by the way (it's helped my Orbifolia a lot).

I do have a standard humidifier also, but it's just way overboard for my delicate, smaller babies, and doesn't produce the super-fine mist the Milk Box does. I was finding my bigger humidifier was leaving my babies wet with too much moisture, or when I moved it a safer distance away, I was getting dry, crispy edges again. Not an issue with this little cutie.

The mist really is super fine, so you can run her right in amongst your plants, and one refill keeps her going 6 hours (impressive considering her mini size), or 4 hours depending on the setting you choose. If you accidentally forget to turn it off or refill, it goes in to stand-by mode when the water runs out.

How does it work?

The Milk Box Humidifier is USB powered using the colour-coordinated 1 metre cord included, as shown (mini USB one end, standard the other), which plugs in to your laptop or phone charger (wall plug not included, compatible with all standard USB plugs and USB power banks). They are a lovely size, even small enough to fit on a window sill or slim plant shelf. They're a bit bigger than a decent-sized coffee mug, measuring 7.5cm wide x 7.5cm deep x 11cm tall.

There are 3 settings: Stand-by (off), Full (always on), and Low (cycles on for 2 seconds, off for 2 seconds). One 260ml refill of water lasts 4 hours on full, or it'll keep going for 6 hours on low. They're whisper quiet too.

See the full directions for use > for how to set-up, refill, and change between settings (as well as dumb things not to do).

 Please note these little cuties do not have any fancy retail boxes with them, so are better to give to yourself for your plants, rather than as a gift to someone else. I send them safely protected, tucked in a normal, plain shipping box, ready for you to unbox, set-up and enjoy their extreme milk box cuteness. Possibly the most insta-worthy humidifier I've ever seen,


Your plants are going to love you!

Pro tip
: If you're running a Grow Pod, humidifier, grow lights and more, getting one of those surge protector power banks with both USB and standard plug sockets is a good call. Mighty Ape and most hardware and tech stores sell them.