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Neon Pothos - Triple Planted (Sport Variegation)

$19.00 NZD

This plant is pick up onlyI'm trying something different since it's not safe to ship plants right now with such long courier delays for some regions, so it's really important to please read the Plant Pick Up FAQ's at the end before you buy to avoid disappointment. 


Triple Planted Neon Pothos 

Actually an Epipremnum aureum Neon (close cousin of the Pothos), the Neon Pothos has a big wow factor. Those bright 'fluoro' leaves almost glow. The leaf colour on one plant can vary from a spring green through to an almost neon yellow-green, just gorgeous.

Their colour may be unique but they are actually pretty easy care.
This chap is triple planted, although you'll see 4 stems if you count them, but 2 of the 4 are coming off the same stem. Starting out double or even triple planted creates a much more lush, bushy plant as they mature. I have a few spindly members of my jungle that I wish I'd started off with more than a single stem when young. Please note the price reflects being triple planted. 

As well as being triple planted, this chap's also got a little dappled variegation going on. Neon Pothos are prone to sport variegation (the occasional variegated leaf), but that doesn't guarantee new growth will continue to be variegated, so no promises. A variegated Neon Pothos looks like a neon version of the darker Golden Pothos.

All photos are of the same plant, which is the exact plant you'll receive. A couple of leaves have minor blemishes (shown in the photos), nothing bad, but you can trim them off if it bothers you (which tends to trigger new growth). I've left it as is, so up to you on that.

Currently in an 11.5cm Teku clear pot that allows you to easily monitor moisture level and root health at a glance. Planted and very well rooted in Premium Bioleaf Aroid Custom Blend potting mix for the best start in life. Putting out new growth. Fed half-strength Foliage Pro with every water to avoid deficiencies. 

Make sure to read the plant pick-up FAQ's below before you buy.

Neon Pothos Care Guide 

If you haven't had one before, here's the full Neon Pothos Care Guide. The short version is they prefer medium to bright, indirect light (no direct sun on these leaves). They prefer a nice free-draining mix (I use this custom aroid blend). Frequent, light fertilising is ideal when growing (if kept somewhere warm and bright, these guys grow all year round).

They can climb or vine (climbing will give you bigger leaves). I find them a little slower growing than the darker green Pothos and Philodendron. Keep them lightly moist to moist, not dry, not wet. I let the top 5cms or so dry out before watering again, but best not to leave them to get fully dry to the bottom. When it's time to repot, a clear pot means you can monitor root health and moisture levels with ease. 
Water more frequently in brighter, warmer conditions, less often in lower light or cooler temperatures. I find mine do better when top watered.  

In a typical kiwi summer they're likely to need weekly watering, but it depends on your conditions. They like humidity (I use one of the cordless H2O humidifiers), a range of 50% to 80%, but you may not need one at your place. You can always check the humidity using a cheap hygrometer first.

*Plant pick up FAQ's* 

Please read before you buy


With current demand causing delivery delays of 5+ days in some regions, I'm not shipping plants at present for their safety. Please only purchase provided you are happy with the following requirements. Please read in full before you buy.

If your question isn't answered below, ask first before you buy, but do keep in mind as there's only one of this exact plant shown, so there's a chance you may miss out while waiting to hear back from me, but I'll do my best to reply quickly. Your question will likely be answered below, so read this first...

I want it! How do I get this plant?

Add to cart then check out like normal. It doesn't matter what address you enter when you checkout, so enter your address like usual. You'll see PICK UP appears as your only shipping option. This plant cannot be shipped to you sorry. There is only one available, the exact plant shown in all photos. Once you've paid and completed your order, it's all yours! Be sure to read the rest of the pick up FAQ's below before you go ahead.

Where is pick-up from?


One Tree Hill in Auckland. Once you've completed your order, I'll email you to arrange a pick-up day and time that suits you. Pick-up is available 7 days a week, between 8am and 8pm, Monday to Sunday. I'll let you know the pick-up address and my mobile number so we can keep in touch.

You can choose any half hour on any day to suit your schedule for pick up. Please note it will be contactless pick-up, so your plant will be placed safely under cover for you to collect, on the day and time you choose. Just text me when you're on your way. Only your plant will be waiting for you to avoid confusion. It will even have your name on it :)

What if I my plans change?

If pick-up needs to change closer to the time, all good, I'll give you my mobile number so we can keep in touch. As long as pick up is completed within 7 days of ordering, I'm flexible on day and time. I'll email you after you order to organise a day and time that works for you. 

Can I order other items for pick-up also?

At the moment I can offer 'click and collect' for plants only. I'm unable to combine orders for collection, or offer collection for plants along with other items, whether you place orders separately or together. If you add other items to your order, plants will be refunded and relisted, and the other items shipped as normal.

If you place two orders, you can pick-up your plants, however your other items will be shipped as normal. If you'd like to collect a plant (or more than one), make sure you have plants only on your order. No exceptions to this requirement sorry. And yes, I do hope to offer click and collect to everyone for everything when things get back to 'normal'.

Can someone else pick my order up for me?

Sure! The only two people who know what day and time your plant will be ready for collection is you and me, so if you want to share those details with someone else so they can collect for you, all good, that's up to you. Just ask them to text me when they're on their way.  

Can you put a plant 'on hold' for me? 

The exact plant for sale, is this one that's shown, so there's only the one. All photos are of the same plant. If you 'add to cart' that doesn't block others from buying it. Once your order is paid for and completed, your plant is all yours. Just adding to cart does not 'save' a plant for you, or stop others from buying it. I can't hold a plant for you. It really is 'first in, first served' and orders do need to be completed and paid for on the website.

Can you make an exception for me? 

If you know me, you know the answer would usually be yes. I'll normally go out of my way to make sure everyone's happy, including changing the way things are normally done to suit my lovely customers. BUT not this time sorry. It's really important you're happy with the requirements above, otherwise it's best not to buy.

Shipping and Delivery


Flat rate shipping is $5.50 nationwide (or $9.50 for rural). Add as many products to your order as you like without paying anything extra for shipping. The only exceptions are plants and fragile or oversize products (like handmade pottery and coffee table books), which have their own rates. 

For $2 you can upgrade to signature required. Well worth it for anything valuable or limited edition that can't be replaced. Choosing signature required also gives both of us the ability to claim if anything goes wrong with the courier. Signature required is flat rate $7.50 nationwide (or $12.50 for rural).


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Normal delivery is 1 to 2 working days. Some regions can take longer, 3 to 4 working days is normally the longest wait, depending on where you're based (I'm based in Auckland).  

More about shipping and delivery > 



"Anna was brilliant. Order placed and sent the next day. Received in awesome packaging. Couldn’t ask for more... will definitely use you again and again and again. Highly recommend." Scott Guthrie 

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"Super impressed with this business. Something that is lost nowadays, is customer service. This however is not the case with Anna from “Love that Leaf”. Very happy with my purchase, very happy with the product information provided and very happy with the quick shipping and great packaging. Thanks!" Melayna Anderson

"By far the best customer care I've had in a long time. Website is such a wealth of information and the email with instructions for use after my purchase was fantastic. The pipette for measuring the correct amount was such a great inclusion, and the personalised message on the package was very cool. Definitely my go to shop for plant supplies now. Thanks Love That Leaf! A+++" Karyn Wilson