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Nest Geo Trigger Spray Mister - Sky

$11.90 NZD

The super affordable Nest Geo scandi-inspired spray bottle in Sky. A gorgeous pastel sky blue. Some screens show it more pale than it is in real life. It's more a true pastel baby blue shade, or perfect summer's day clear blue skies colour. See the second photo with all 3 shades to get a better idea. 


The adjustable trigger nozzle goes a lovely fine mist to spray to single stream.  Made of non-toxic PP plastic. Measures 20cm tall by 11cm at the base. Holds a decent size 600ml of liquid. Trigger top unscrews for easy cleaning. 

Yes, they're not expensive, so don't get your hopes up for having your socks blown off by how amazing they are. I love these mainly for their extra fine mist, and their larger size compared to so many too-tiny-constant-refill sprayers out there. Plus they're cute.

So no, they may not be at the high-end (in price or quality), BUT they do what they say, and just because they don't cost much doesn't mean they're a throw-away item by any means. They are tough enough to be practical and to last, while looking good too.

Also available in mint and shell pink

Pick your food

You can mist with water only of course, but some foods can be used as foliage sprays too, to give your plants an instant boost (foliage feeding provides extremely fast nutrient intake although it shouldn't be your primary method of feeding).

When used with Groconut add up to 1/4 of a teaspoon maximum per 600ml fill.

With Dyna-Gro Foliage Pro or Grow, I'd go for 1/4 ml per 600ml fill depending on your plant's needs.

When mix-feeding, go for the normal dose of your NPK food (like Dyna-Gro Foliage Pro) and reduce how much growth booster you use (like Groconut). Dyna-Gro comes with a 3ml pipette free - or you can get yourself a 1ml pipette for extra accuracy.

For insect control, combine with organic Yates Conqueror Oil. Normal dose is 10ml per litre, so for a 600ml fill use 6ml. The measuring cup that comes free with Yates Conqueror Oil measures in 5ml increments, or you can get a 3ml pipette if you prefer for extra accuracy.