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Grow Pod

$49.99 NZD $69.90 NZD

"Babies do exceptionally well in the pod" @missamateurcraft

"I can't believe how fast the chain of turtles grew!!" @meraki.plants

"root systems on all of them were prolific and I accredit that to the grow pod." @missamateurcraft

"love having something colourful in my windowless office" @indoorableplants

Introducing the clever Grow Pod. This desktop mini glasshouse includes built-in LED grow light and fan with multiple settings. Makes propagating and growing babies a breeze. Protects your precious wishlist plants. Many a mini Philodendron Pink Princess has been nurtured in these. The pod plugs in to your computer, laptop or wall phone charger using the universal USB plug (included). The built-in LED grow light can be set to full or half strength. Lights can be set manually - on full, on half or off - or you have the choice of day/night mode. When plugged in, the fan in the base auto-cycles between 20 minutes on, 40 minutes off for air circulation. When in day/night mode, lights automatically turn on for 12 hours, then off for 12 hours.  

Use Grow Pods to give newly propped leaves and seeds a protective head-start to speed up root production and new leaf growth, and for growing pups, succulents, moss and more. Propagate in winter or summer.

Measures 11.5cm diameter x 19cm tall. Pot inside measures 8cm x 5.5cm. Plastic glasshouse dome by itself measures 12.5cm tall.

Check out the full Grow Pod set up & settings instructions here >