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Peperomia Obtusifolia Albo Marginata

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We've seen this gorgeous girl called 'the poor man's Ficus Tineke' but she's way better than that. Firstly, she comes with a better price tag. Secondly, she's pet safe. A far cry from the poisonous Ficus. Thirdly, she's super easy care. We're talking 1 out of 5 LTLC level easy care. Being a Peperomia, those thick, glossy leaves and sturdy stems hold water in reserve, so this gal's your new bestie if you can be a bit forgetful, as missing watering isn't a death sentence. She's a compact cutie that won't require constant maintenance or frequent repotting. Looks fab in a bathroom, on your desk, on a bedside table. Wherever you display her, she's an utter cutie, worthy of the gram. Stress-free care, pet safe, super variegated, and insta-worthy? Albo Marginata for the win. 

Check the full Peperomia obtusifolia Albo Marginata care guide 

Lucky last! Just the one Albo-Marginata babe available. That's her in all 4 photos (the only photo that's not her is the main cover photo). She's ridiculously super variegated with big lemony-white leaves, so will need a spot with nice bright light to make up for her minimal green. Note some screens show her more white than lemon but the Albo Marginata is definitely a pale lemon, not pure white. She's in an 11cm plain black nursery pot right now but we reckon she looks extra cute in a pink or blue cover pot or planter. Classic white, green, charcoal or black show her off beautifully too - she's a super versatile little sweetie.

PS: She's a perfect fit to plant straight in to the small Oslo planter as well by the way if you're not a cover pot fan. We have the small Oslo in white, black, peach and rose (peach or rose look particularly gorgeous). She also fits the 14cm Elho cover pots in leaf, denim, watermelon rose, white, black and charcoal.