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Philodendron Brasil

$79.99 NZD

This guy knows how to make an entrance. The Philodendron Brasil's bright lime and emerald green variegation is a stand-out that draws the eye. How can you not stop and admire those leaves? We love his big heart-shaped leaves, each like a painted work of art, every one unique. He makes a real statement in a collection. Even better? He's easy care. We find them one of the hardiest in the Philodendron fam. He'll put up with lower light, although prefers good old bright indirect light, and doesn't mind getting a bit dry between watering either. Full Philodendron Brasil care guide >

We've hand selected three absolute stand-out Brasils for you. B1 is super bright and extra variegated with bigger, more lime-green leaves. He's quadruple planted with 5 active grow points. B2 is a bit more dramatic with more contrast. Stunning painted emerald green leaves with splashes of lime. Triple planted with 3 active growth points - and he's already spilling out of his pot ready to vine or climb. B3 is is a biggie! Also quadruple planted with 3 active growth points and two vines spilling out of his pot. They're all in standard 14cm size nursery pots.

These boys fit comfortably in the 16cm Elho Brussels & B.For Soft cover pots, in Watermelon Rose, Denim, Leaf, Black, Charcoal or White - which start from just $11.99.