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Philodendron Imperial Golden

$49.00 NZD
Plant #

The big emerald green leaves of the Philodendron Imperial Golden bring the tropics indoors. We love the colours this big boy puts out, from almost glowing golden-lime when young to lime-green then emerald green as the leaves age, with new growth having orange-tinged stems. You really can't beat a nice big green leaf. Oh, and did we mention easy care? Imperial Golden for the gold medal. Don't burn those big glossy leaves with direct sun though. Medium, indirect light is the way to go. We let him dry out between watering (if you push it too far his leaves will droop in protest but he'll come right with a good drink, better too dry than too wet). Wet feet are a big no no for this chap.

We have these handsome guys available in a 14cm nursery pot while stocks last (and no, the pots are not tiny, it's the leaves that are huge, up to 20cm long). We give him an LTLC rating of 1.5 out of 5. Easy care for most, just maybe not for you over-waterers out there. 

Read the complete Phildendron Imperial Golden Care Guide >

PS: No, this is not the same as the Imperial Rose Gold (we wish!), or Imperial Green.  It doesn't get the intense rosey-orange new leaves like the Rose Gold but doesn't go as dark green as the Imperial Green either.