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Pot + Stand - Elho B.For Up - 24cm Charcoal

$86.00 NZD

How clever is this chap? The Elho B.For Up cover pot comes with the clever dual-purpose stand included. 2 different heights in one to change up your look and raise your plant game. We love having one of each in both blue and charcoal so you can mix and match stand colours and heights. The Anthracite (charcoal) comes with a denim blue stand, and the denim blue comes with a white stand (this is for the Anthracite + blue stand). The cover pot is 24cm diameter, and inside the stand it sits 21.9cm high, or on the stand it's 41cm high. Lovely big size for multiple plantings, or one big statement plant. They look superb with ZZ, Anthrium or Cast Iron plants, Ficus Elastica and Fiddle Leaf Fig, a big Spathiphyllum Sensation Peace Lily, or a mass planting of Peperomia, vining Philodendron or Pothos cascading down the sides or climbing up a pole.  Designed for indoor use so no drainage hole means no leaks or drips, however the UV protected plastic is sturdy enough to drill a hole in yourself for outdoor use if you prefer. 

Note white shown in some photos included for styling inspo only, white not available in NZ