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Romano Peace Lily - Spathiphyllum Walisii

$29.99 NZD
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Whether you're a newbie or a plant hobbyist from way back, it's hard to resist a big, glossy, green leaf.

One of the newer Peace Lily varieties, the Romano (also called Sweet Romano), is something a little bit special. Certainly not those little leaf Peace Lily you see in every office. These chaps can get BIG if you let them. Not as big as the Sensation who leave no room nearby for plant buddies, but still much bigger than your stock-standard Peace Lily.

Other than their much bigger leaf size, there are two more specials things that make the Romano unique. Firstly, those leaves. Just wow. Sure, they're BIG. But they're also the most glorious, deep, intensely dark inky-green. And look at that shine! Naturally super shiny - not matte like a standard Peace Lily or the Sensation - no leaf shine needed here. Plus the bonus of those deep ridges that catch the light for insta-worthy gloss.

The second thing? Those flowers. The Romano in the right conditions can be a real show off. Known for a higher flower count than other Peace Lily varieties. ALL these girls we have available are mid-flower at different stages. The crisp white blooms contrasted against that dark green foliage is really something.

Size guide and care guide both below, plus cash back offer on cover pots with discounted shipping, and an important note about #14 below...


Currently in standard 14cm nursery pots, yet their leaf length is already tipping 25cms! These babes are already up to 50cm tall and some are wider than they are high. They can reach an impressive 90cms tall or you can keep them smaller with regular trimming in a smaller pot. 

Care guide

Super duper easy care. Think level 1 out of 5 easy. As ridiculously easy care as they are ridiculously good-looking. Full care guide at the end.

Yes, these guys can get rather pricey once they get some size on them, so I'm so pleased to bring them to you at a great price. The perfect size for any home, office or bedroom in 14cm nursery pots. See behind the scenes for how I ship your plant >

Read the full Romano Peace Lily care guide 

Pot match guide

These girls are a perfect match for our 14cm and 16cm Elho cover pots. They perfectly fit all Elho 14's in both Brussels and B.For Soft shapes, so you can shop all colours. The lip of the nursery pot perfectly sits on the top edge of the 14's with no gap, for easy-peasy in and out for watering - OR if you prefer the nursery pot fully hidden, they also fit the 16's nice and neat, sitting just enough below the edge inside to hide the lip of the pot, but not so far down that they need pebbles under them.

Compare the 14's and 16's in the photos to help you decide.

Shop 14cm in the more modern shape Elho B.For Soft currently available in: crisp White, a gorgeous Watermelon Rose, and the perfect Leaf Green 

Shop 14cm in the more traditional shape Elho Brussels available in: Denim Blue, matte Black, or Charcoal, and clean White 

Shop 16cm in modern B.For Soft available in: White, dark Charcoal, delicious Watermelon Rose, and Leaf Green.   

Shop 16cm in Elho Brussels available in: Denim Blue, bright White, dark Charcoal, and matte Black

Pot + Plant Special 
$5 Cash Back off Shipping

Step 1
: Pick any Elho 14 or 16 Brussels or B.For Soft cover pot in any colour.

Step 2: Order it with your new Romano Peace Lily. Yay plant mail! 

Step 3: Get $5 cash back off shipping. When we ship your order, we'll refund $5 straight back on to your credit card, wohoo!  (you'll get an email confirming the refund)


IMPORTANT before you buy #14 

Please note #14 arrived from the nursery with a few bent leaves, one of them is one of her bigger leaves. Close-up photo included. Price reduced.