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Smart Garden Kit - Hydro 2.0

$87.95 NZD
Starter Pack


"So happy to be able to grow fresh herbs inside! Especially during winter!" @elle_n

"Love it! Not large and bulky and looks nice on the counter top. Love that you can use your own seeds and don’t need special pods for them to grow." @gwen_n

"Everything smells amazing, love having plants growing in my kitchen." @mac_f

"Nice for growing herbs! I love being able to have fresh herbs available when cooking and this makes it easy." @stevia_and_spice

"I have two toddlers and we like to check out the new growth every day. It’s easy to see growth from day to day; new leaves, new height, etc. I am really looking forward to pizza night with the fresh oregano and basil." @randy_us 


Ready? Set? Grow!

Grow your own fresh, healthy herbs and veges indoors - no soil or pesticide needed! Just fresh food, grown from scratch by you (with a little help from your Smart Garden). The Smart Garden is a clever, complete hydroponic garden kit with everything you need to grow delicious, nutritious food indoors - just add water! Grow a constant supply of herbs and veges all year round, even through winter. 

Not enough light indoors? Not enough space for a garden outdoors? Not a problem! This desktop mini garden needs less room than a shoebox, and includes a built-in LED grow light with 3 settings (including 'auto grow' mode which I call 'wet, set and forget'). 

Now you can cook with fresh herbs every meal without waste. Pick the Starter Pack to match your culinary preferences. Choose one of the 3 Herb Packs for the perfect finishing touch for pizza, pasta, stews, curries and soups. Or one of 2 Tea Packs to brew your own fresh-picked, refreshing or soothing herbal tea. Or select the Salad Pack for lush, leafy veges. Or get your Smart Garden by itself and select your seeds separately.

What can I grow in my Smart Garden?

Almost any shorter-growing 
flowers, herbs and vegetables that grow to below 50cms full size (to fit under the grow light when fully grown). Taller growing herbs and veges like Tomatoes can also be started in your Smart Garden then transplanted to a larger container when they get too tall.

Does it come with seeds?

 You can get your Smart Garden by itself, or if you want seeds, simply pick one of the Seed Starter Packs. There are 3 herb packs, 2 tea packs, and 2 salad packs to select from. 

Can I get it without seeds?

Yes! Already got your seeds? Want to pick your own? Then pick the Smart Garden Only (no seeds) option, and pick your own seeds separately. It still comes with fertiliser, substrate and everything else you see in the photos.

Can I use any seeds with it?

Unlike other systems, the Smart Garden Hydro 2.0 doesn't lock you in to buying custom seed mats or seed pods. This is a completely reusable system. You can pick your own seeds, put new hydro substrate in the reusable grow pots (we recommend vermiculite which is easily available from garden centres and hardware stores) - and off you go again with a new batch of veges, herbs or flowers - over and over!


Is it kid friendly?

Definitely, yes. Get the kids or grandkids involved and make it a STEM project. They can pick the herbs or veges they want, sow the seeds, fill the base with water, set the lights, then delight in watching them germinate and grow bigger every day, until they're ready to harvest.

It's easy for kids to refill the water when the low-water alert goes off. They love using the pipette (supplied), to measure out the right amount of hydro fertiliser (supplied). Plus they can harvest and cook a meal (or be your Sous Chef), using the very ingredients they've actually grown themselves. 

What does the kit come with?

Your Smart Garden Hydro 2.0 Kit comes with:

Base unit with 1 litre water reservoir 

2 grow pots (removable, reusable) with seed covers

Hydro substrate (no messy, dirty soil required)

Hydro fertiliser with easy-measure pipette

Adjustable height, LED grow light with 3 light settings including auto timer

Status indicator lights with low-water alert

NZ wall plug

Just add water!

+ optional seed starter packs (7 options, below)

+ Optional Seed Starter Packs


Pick your choice of Seed Starter Pack, or get your Smart Garden Kit by itself with everything listed above, and pick your own seeds separately.

Current Starter Packs available while stocks last are:

Pizza Pack: Sweet Basil and Oregano

Curry Pack: Thai Basil and Coriander

Pasta Pack: Italian Parsley and Sweet Basil 

Tea 1: Lemongrass and Peppermint

Tea 2: Mint Mix and Lemongrass

Salad 1: Tuscan Kale and Baby Leaf Spinach

Salad 2: Baby Lettuce and Organic Rocket

Seeds also available separately:

Basil (Sweet, Thai or Holy Krishna), Chives, Coriander, Kale (Red Russian or Tuscan), Lemongrass, Lettuce (Baby Leaf Combo), Mint Mix, Parsley (Curled or Italian Flat Leaf), Peppermint, Oregano, Rocket (Organic), Sage, Silverbeet (Compact), Spinach (Baby Leaf), Thyme, Tomato (Compact Mini), and Watercress. 

Browse the complete seeds range here > (some are still on the way)

What size is it?

Smaller than a toaster or shoebox. The base measures 26.5cm long (10.5 inches) x 11.5cm wide (4.5") x 9cm tall (3.5"). The grow light pole is 37.5cm tall (14.5") off the counter, and the grow light arm adjusts from 37cm above the counter when horizontal, up to 63cm when completely vertical. The grow light arm itself measures 29cm (11") so it's a smidge longer than the base. 


How can the seeds grow with no soil?


Your Smart Garden Hydro 2.0 comes with 2 pots already filled with hydro substrate. It's a soil-less growing medium that seeds and roots love. Used by professional horticulturalists, it promotes faster root growth and gives quick anchorage for young roots. It retains air, water and nutrients from fertiliser, releasing them as the plant needs them. 

It's a superb germination substrate for seeds. Keep in mind because you're growing hydro, seedlings should be fed with fertiliser when the first leaves appear. 4ml of hydro fertiliser is supplied, enough to support months of lovely, lush growth (plus there's more available from us when it runs out). You'll need just 1/2 a ml per 1 litre (the base holds 1 litre). Pipette included for easy measurement.


Directions please. How do I set it up?


I know it looks pretty flash but it's actually surprisingly easy to set up. You'll be up and growing in no time. Check the Smart Garden Hydro 2.0 set-up directions here and hydro FAQs here.


"I LOVE THIS! It's so easy to put together. This is my first hydroponic system and I was able to assemble it without looking at the instructions. It has 2 types of LED lights. The part I love the most is that it beeps when the water is low." @april_L