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Snake Plant Sansevieria Black Coral

$34.99 NZD

He's good luck, handsome, sturdy and super duper easy care. Meet our favourite unsung, underrated hero, the Sansevieria or Snake Plant. We think the Black Coral is one heck of a good-looking guy and the most stunning of the family with his high-contrast forest green and pale green variegated stripes.

Sure, he looks dramatic, but boy is he anything but when it comes to the care department. Zero drama queen tendencies here. Low light? All good. Forgetful waterer? Even better. Of course bright. indirect light is better, but this guy will wow you with his super tolerant ways. Neglect is not a bad thing. Dry is your friend.  THE ultimate Chrissy pressie and an office must-have when everyone thinks someone else is doing the watering this week.

Check out his full plant care guide here for the low-down and to find out his rich history from good luck charm to protector.

We've hand-selected two of the best from our last nursery trip and they've both come out of quarantine ready to come home with you. S1 is triple planted with highly variegated new growth coming through (check the close ups!), lovely 'rabbit ear' form and darker, more dramatic variegation. He's in a taller 12cm wide x 14cm high nursery pot and is the taller of the two also, coming in at 44cms measured from the bottom of his pot. S2 is more stout with a broader leaf shape and higher-contrast to his variegation. He's double planted in a 13cm wide x 12cm tall nursery pot and just a smidge under 38cms tall measured from the ground.

*Please note: These chaps come in their black nursery pot. The Orchid & Fig fabric cover pots are shown for inspo only - cover pots not included, available separately*

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