How do we ship your plants?

Getting plant mail should be a joy. Getting a poorly packaged plant takes the excitement out of unboxing and turns to instant worry instead. What condition will your plant arrive in? How much soil have they lost? Will they survive? 

I LOVE the specialist plant boxes we use at Love That Leaf. Without them, I would not have started my small business. They transport your precious plants safely and securely.

And no, they're not cheap, otherwise everyone would use them (no excuse though, I think every online seller should make the investment in your plant's safe transport). To me, they are totally worth it for your and my peace of mind.

Having bought WAY too many plants to admit to the exact number, I've received some absolute shockers. I've also received a few that didn't survive the journey. More than one upside-down. Many that arrived on their side. Broken leaves. Soil everywhere. Some lasted a few days, some a few weeks.

That's why it was so important to me I do absolutely everything in my power to make sure you never have the same sad experiences I've had.

Here's what I do, step-by-step, to make sure your plants get to you safe, happy and healthy... 

zz plant ready to pack for transport


Behind the scenes: Quarantine

Before your plant starts their journey, they hang out with me for at least a week. It takes plants a while to settle after transport. Whether being sent from the nursery to a garden centre, or to an online plant store like me, just getting to the store before you buy them is already stressful enough. On a big truck, in the dark, 12 to a box, often wrapped in unbreathable plastic, like flowers from the gas station...

pouch of groconut plant food beside a potted neon pothos plant

...The last thing I want is to double-up on the stress and make them go through it all over again right away. Their quarantine week is also very important to help make sure any uninvited guests from the nursery haven't come along for the ride to your place! Not all creepy crawlies show their faces straight away.

While with me, they'll typically get one Groconut feed as well to help reduce the effects of transport shock, and to give them a boost before they continue their journey.

PS: Don't assume every store quarantines their plants. In my experience, most don't.   

Step 1: Grab a bag

Not just any bag, an eco friendly 100% compostable bag. Once your plant's been my buddy for a week or so, and provided they're happy and healthy, with no uninvited guests, they pop inside one of these as the first step on their way to your place...

roll of eco bags used for packing plants

Step 2: Tie him up

Once your plant's inside, we then tie the bag with string. We make sure it's a snug fit around the stem so soil stays put and moisture stays in to reduce the risk of your plant drying out during transport. These bags are silky smooth too, so provide an extra layer of protection for delicate stems and foliage.

zz plant ready for shipping in eco bag

Step 3: Inner box

This is the 2nd layer of protection. Bag first, inner box second. This clever insert holds the plant on 4 sides, including a clever protective layer on top. It keeps your plant upright, and covers the soil in the pot (there's a special cut-out that covers the top of the pot that you slide out for unboxing).  

ZZ plant in box insert to keep plants upright during transport

Step 4: Outer box

Last but not least, the outer box. Your plant, now safely tied up in his eco-bag, and tucked in to his inner box, slides in the outer box for a snug fit. That means minimal movement and double-layer protection.

Plus these awesome, custom plant transport boxes scream LIVE PLANT and THIS WAY UP. They have easy-carry built-in handles either side. And when you get them? There's a clever pull-open front panel. Just pull and slide. Unboxing made fun. 

custom plant shipping box

So there you go! A little sneak peek behind the scenes for you into what we do and why we do it. I really do believe it's the little things that count. And when what counts is your precious plant arriving safe, happy and healthy, each little step adds up to a big deal, so you can buy with confidence. 

Anna @lovethatleaf  
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