Shipping and delivery questions  

Shipping and delivery questions answered here >



What payment options do you offer?

Afterpay and ZIP (for interest free payments over time), as well as Visa and MasterCard. 


Do you offer click and collect?

For now, Love That Leaf is online only, but hoping to offer 
our Auckland customers click and collect soon. 

I just missed out on a sale, can I get it anyway?

After a sales has ended, no sorry, however if you ordered within 48 hours before a sale or offer launched, please get in touch. If it's a free gift and I have any spare I will add them to your order (provided your order has not been packed yet). Or if a product you just ordered went on special within 48 hours of placing you order, and your order would have qualified, please do get in touch. I will honour the offer, and refund the difference. 


Why are your plants sold out?

I'll usually leave a few plants listed even though they are no longer available, because it's what I wished other plant stores did when I was a newbie to the plant world. It's so helpful having an idea of what a plant's worth, what it has sold for in the past, and just to know what's actually available in NZ.


How do you package your plants?

Behind the scenes for how your plant will be packed >

I send your precious plant with great care. Having ordered from other online plant stores, and received some upsetting deliveries, this is hugely important to me. Have you seen those fancy-pants specialist plant shipping boxes? Those tall boxes where your plant is securely in a protective insert inside? Yep, those. I got you covered. 


Where are you based?

Love That Leaf is based on Auckland's North Shore in New Zealand. 

Where do you ship to?

Anywhere in New Zealand. I do not currently ship overseas.


Who owns Love That Leaf?

Me! My name's Anna. Love That Leaf is a small, local, family business. You can find out more about my plant story here >



Help! I bought a product from you and it's got a fault 

Sorry to hear that. I stand by what I sell and have a returns policy to help put things right. Check the returns policy here, and let me know right away as soon as you discover anything wrong. I'll look after you and get it sorted asap, which could be a repair, or a replacement if a repair isn't possible, or a refund is both repair and replacement aren't possible, but that does depend on what's wrong and why. 


What do I do if my plant arrives damaged? 

Plants are a living thing and there's always a risk when shipping anything fragile. We only ship perfectly healthy, happy plants, and always take care to package them safely and securely.

Before they leave, plants hang out in quarantine with me for at least a week to let them recover from transport from the nursery. Plants I've grown have been with me for around 3 months on average.

I've invested in specialist plant shipping boxes which are very sturdy and have a clever system inside for a double-layer of protection, so it's very unlikely to ever get a damaged delivery from me. See the boxes here >

A plant might be a wee bit droopy or pack a sad for a little while, or maybe have lost a leaf or two in the box if delicate, but it will bounce back fine with a little TLC. Check the 10 commandments for plant mail >

We don't offer change of mind exchanges or returns on plants, but if you're worried, send us a photo the day you get it and we'll see what we can do to help. We want you to be happy, and our plants to arrive to you happy and healthy too.

PS: If someone's been mean to your plant in transit, please send us photos the same day you receive it so we can help. We normally have a short window to put in a claim. Photo proof requires photos of the outer packaging also to show where the box was damaged in transit. Don't throw away the packaging! 


Can I cancel my order?

As long as your order hasn't left yet, yes you can. Please let me know asap if you've changed your mind. Keep in mind I am charged non-refundable fees by the payment platforms, so I can refund you everything except their fees (which I don't get refunded either). The fee varies depending on the payment method you chose, but is usually round 3%. For example, a refund on a $50 order would be around $48.50.


My question's not answered here

Check the Shipping and Delivery FAQ's or the Returns, Rights and Warranties page for more answers, or get in touch and I'll help - Anna :)


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