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You have been warned...

Once upon a time, I had a Ponytail Palm, an African Violet and a Peace Lily. Warning: These are gateway plants. For years, I resisted. Then I saw (drum roll please), my first Philodendron Pink Princess. Uh oh. Somehow, in the span of a year, those 3 plants turned into 33, then I gave up counting. Now my house looks like I'm losing a game of Jumanji.

Plants are cheaper than therapy, and anyone who says money can't buy happiness has clearly never been to a garden centre. I know, I know. You can't really buy happiness. But you can buy plants. And that's pretty much the same thing. 

I have a problem

My name is Anna and I'm a plant addict.
I blame my mum. I grew up in New Zealand, blessed with a very loving, plant-loving mum. Many a weekend involved trailing around a garden centre after my mother, with my two sisters in tow. Many orchids inside, old-fashioned scented roses outside, and everything else in-between.

But unlike my lovely mum had at my age, I'm yet to have a garden of my very own. Living in a rental in central Auckland isn't exactly conducive to putting down roots (pun totally intended). So I got a little carried away creating my garden indoors instead.

One plant shelf quickly led to another, and another. No, I don't need fewer plants, I need more plant shelves. I've enabled my 12 year old son's addiction.. wait, I mean... I've passed my love of plants on to my 12 year old son... and now I've decided to enable your addiction too. Just think of it as therapy. You're welcome.

What's on offer...

On Love That Leaf you'll find all things plants and plant-related.
 A few home-grown plants from time to time, but mainly plant supplies for everything you need to care for your indoor jungle. 

Of course I'd love it if you buy something from my store. But I'm also here to offer a green helping-hand through my free plant care guides >. I'm very happy to help with any plant-related questions, even if you don't end up buying anything. There are no silly questions, and asking me a plant care question comes with zero obligation to buy anything.

However, if you're more in the 'make money' mode and you have goodies to sell, I'd love to hear from you either way, especially if you're local. I have a passion for New Zealand - and even when the going gets tough - I feel very lucky to live in our little country and want to support local.

So whether something is NZ made, NZ grown, made by an NZ artist, or simply supports a fellow NZ business, I'm all for kiwis supporting kiwis, and proud to do my bit where I can.

I super appreciate you choosing to buy local too, thank you!

So that's me, this is Love That Leaf, and now it's over to you. Have a browse.  Questions and suggestions always welcome. Chat soon.


From Anna @lovethatleaf 

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Just another online plant store, right?

Well, not quite. Here's why Love That Leaf is different...

Care guides & plant matching

I think plants should be a joy for you to own and care for, never a source of anxiety or stress. Getting a plant that simply can't thrive in your home due to having special requirements, or that you don't have the time, experience or equipment to care for, takes the joy out of the hobby pretty damn fast. 

I feel a responsibility - to you and to the plants I sell - to help you choose a plant that will thrive in your home and match your experience level. Maximum joy for you, and your happy, healthy plant.

That's why for every plant you see listed for sale, you'll also find a detailed plant care guide covering the light, water, soil, temperature and humidity requirements for your new plant. Common problems to watch for and how to fix them. Plus 'pro tips' from my own experience and other growers. All based on their care requirements here in NZ conditions. 

Every plant I sell, I also have in my own collection. Every plant also has an LTLC Rating (Love That Leaf Care Rating), from 1 to 5 out of 5 (1 = easy peasy). 



Plants hang out here in quarantine for a minimum of 1 week before they get listed for you to buy. That means no sneaky creepy crawlies (who often don't show their pesky faces straight away), and your plants get a chance to recover after transport from the nursery, before heading to your home, reducing stress and helping them settle in faster at your place.

Follow your local plant store on Instagram and watch what happens. The plants they get off the back of a truck in the morning, are often on the floor for sale that very same day. 



Plants are perishable and precious. They deserve a level of packaging and care to match. Your plant will arrive in one of those fancy-pants specialist plant shipping boxes (see the behind-the-scenes here for how it'll be packaged).

That way your plants arrive happy and healthy, safe and properly protected. These boxes put the joy back in unboxing when you get your plant mail, without the worry of wondering what state your plant might be inside the box. 


My jungle = your guinea pig

I'm your guinea pig. Or rather. My plants are (as an aside, I do also own guinea pigs). I only sell plant food I've used myself on my own jungle.

That includes everything from ZZ plants and Peace Lilies to Philodendron Pink Princesses, Stromanthe Triostars, Pothos N'Joy, Hoya, Orchids, African Violets, String of Turtles and more (many, many more - yes, it's a problem). 

Every product also has its own, detailed, directions for use in the product guides area.

Some plant food instructions feel like you need a degree in calculus to make sense of them. Check the product guide for the food you've chosen and you'll find working out dose has been made easy for you, whether it be teaspoons, drops or mls.

Plus when a product doesn't come with it, you get a free pipette with the product from me, to make measuring mls super easy too.

Speedy shipping 

You want your goodies asap right? So I ship asap. That mean most orders leave the same day, or next working day. Full stop. That's all there is to it really. Why wait any longer than you have to for what you want? Sure, I can't control the couriers, but what I can control is avoidable delays by getting your goodies on the way, right away.

No disappearing act!

I'm here for you after you order, after your goodies have arrived, after the unboxing is done, after the boxes are in the recycling. 

Got a plant care question? Not sure how to use a product? Something not quite meeting your expectations? Let me know. Ask me anything. I'm here to help.

If you send a tricky one my way and I don't know the answer, I'll be honest with you, then find someone more expert than me who does know the answer... then ask them, and let you know.

The only thing I'll leave hanging is my String of Pearls. You'll get the same level of service and support after you purchase, as you did before. Test me out before you buy if you like. AMA (Ask Me Anything).

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