Peperomia Obtusifolia Variegata Care Guide

You will 100% get biased advice from us about most Pep's because we are unashamedly addicted to this plant family. The Peperomia Obtusifolia Variegata is no exception to our obsession. This hardy chap is the variegated version of the Baby Rubber Plant. Collecting plants is exciting, sure, but we think caring for them should be relaxing, not stressful. Too difficult to care for and that joy turns to anxiety. Not with this chap. His middle name should be Easy, or Happy. Peperomia Easy Happy Obtusifolia Variegata? That's better. We give him a 1 out of 5 on the LTLC scale for being super easy care, beginner friendly AND pet safe. Find more more about his care below

Temperature & Light

Like his solid-green Pep brother the Baby Rubber Plant, this dude may look more flashy with his splashed, painted variegated leaves, but he's just as easy care. He's a compact, slow-and-steady grower that tolerates lower light levels, but medium light is better. We find ours happily potter on even in fluorescent lights with minimal or no natural light, but growth will be slower. Avoid too much, too bright light, and no direct light for this guy. Average to low temperatures are all good, about 16 to 24 degrees is a happy range, but he can handle down to about 10 in winter indoors. Not a fan of drafts though.     



Those shiny, thick leaves and sturdy stems hold water in reserve, so best to under- rather than over-water. For you over-waterers this could be make or break, so go easy and let him dry out a bit between drinks. We bottom-water ours but if you top water just let him fully drain. Check he's stopped dripping before returning him to his cover pot or saucer. Definitely avoid wet feet. Higher humidity will make him even happier, if that's even possible, but they're so tolerant that normal indoor humidity or even drier air is all good if you don't have a humidifier. We add Groconut to every second water in summer. Not a must but he'll appreciate the extra nutrients and give you more growth. We use half dosage for our Peps. PS: When new leaves peep through, the little round baby leaves on this chap are just adorable.



About the only difficult thing about this Pep is the risk of over-watering, so if you've fallen in love but have a tendency to care too much, make sure you're using light, airy, free-draining soil. We hear this guy adapts well to hydroculture too if you want to give a water-based system a try.  


Peperomia Obtusifolia Pro Tips & Problem Solving

Tall leggy growth

Over time this type of Peperomia can be prone to becoming a bit leggy, especially without enough light, so improve his light situation, and pinch back tips to encourage him to become compact and bushy again. It's well worth trimming back when young to encourage multiple stems for an even fuller, bushier mature plant. 


Dull variegation or fading leaves

Fading leaves is most often a sign of too much light but if he's busy getting more and darker green, and losing that lovely mottled variegation, that can be a sign of light levels being too low. 


Wilting or drooping leaves

Meanie. Somehow you've managed to under-water a Peperomia even with his succulent-type tendencies. Wilting or drooping leaves or stems is typically a sign he's really thirsty. Give him a drink and he should 'pep up' in no time (pun totally intended).


Wilting and leaf loss

Usually the opposite problem, you may have over-watered if you've got wilting plus leaves dropping off.


Brown edges or tips

Normally a sign of a cold draft. Try a new position. Could also be due to very dry air, so either try a new spot or invest in a humidifier.


Pet safe?

Yes! Peperomia Obtusifolia are considered pet safe with no known toxicity. We always keep our plants out of reach of pets and the young'uns anyway just to be safe.


LTLC Rating (Love That Leaf Care Rating)

This guy gets an easy, peasy 1 out of 5 from us. Super duper easy care. Low maintenance. Great for beginners, under-waterers, kids rooms, the office, going on holiday and forgetting to water... Give this chap a go for sure. 


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