Sensation Peace Lily Care Guide (Giant Peace Lily)

Big brother to the smaller leafed standard Peace Lily, the Giant Peace Lily is that very rare type of statement plant - one that's ridiculously easy care. Proper name Spathiphyllum 'Sensation'. Big, lush, emerald green leaves with grooves that catch the light, and the bonus of pure white calla lily shaped flowers. Plus these chaps can get impressively big.

Big foliage + beautiful flowers + low maintenance? Add them together and you get a gorgeous addition to any indoor houseplant collection. Plus those massive leaves? Hello instant jungle! These guys make superb gifts too. Something more special than the standard little Peace Lily, but just as easy care. We give this handsome guy a coveted 1 out of 5 LTLC Rating. Oh, and did we mention they're NASA approved? The Peace Lily made it in to NASA's Top 10 Best Air Cleaning Plants in the world! Find out everything you need to know below 

sensation giant peace lily ltl nz


Light, temperature & humidity

These big dudes are super chill when it comes to light. They'll tolerate down to low light levels, but prefer medium light. Direct sunlight is best avoided so you don't risk burning those leaves. We find really bright light isn't needed and can make the leaves become pale and the tips crispy. Our Peace Lily collection thrive at the medium end of bright light. If you haven't had any flowers for a while, and it's growing season, change to a new position with more light and flowers normally follow. In the perfect spot your lily can even flower all year-round.

Our son has his own jungle of Peace Lily's in his bedroom that handle brighter light, warmer temperatures, and a pretty neglectful watering schedule - yet somehow still look fantastic. These are great plants for kids who want their own because they tell you so obviously when they need water and reward kids with new leaves regularly - not to mention the occasional stunning flower.

These chaps prefer a temperature range of about 18 to 30 degrees but can tolerate cooler in winter if the rest of his conditions are all good. They enjoy higher humidity but it's not a must. Our natural humidity in NZ is pretty good, but if you live in a drier area, or use an HRV or DVS system, you might like to add a pebble tray underneath, regularly mist those giant leaves, or get a humidifer. 

This is one of our gang, below, with a new flower on the way...


new flower emerging from sensation peace lily



The Peace Lily is a good candidate for hydro or semi-hydro. Grown in soil, a mix of mainly potting mix with something free draining like perlite will do the job. We go for about 3/4 potting mix and 1/4 perlite. These guys are fast growers in the right conditions, so yearly repotting in spring is pretty standard (check for roots coming through the bottom of the pot). 


It's very easy to know when to water a peace lily. Leave it too long and they will dramatically droop and look very forlorn until you water them. Then like magic they recover and are loving life again. These guys are so forgiving of neglect. Ideally happier maintained evenly moist. We water our gang just when they start to droop just slightly, no need to even check the soil. Typically a good drench once a week keeps them happy but it's easy to tell by their leaves. If you've left it way too long and the leaves are crazy wilted, mist the leaves as well as giving the soil a good drench and they'll very likely pick back up as if nothing was wrong. Drama queens without the drama!

Is tap water okay?

We find our Peace Lily gang are more sensitive to tap water than our other jungle members, but if you don't have another water source, just leave your tap water out overnight, or boil it for 10 minutes, let it cool then water. That helps remove the chlorine (although not the flouride), so if you can avoid tap water it's worth trying other sources. If your chap has suffered a bit and needs a pick me up, try a half dose of Groconut mixed in the water on the regular, or if they're in older soil which needs replenishing, try a few drops of Plant Runner. Overall they don't need a lot in the way of fertiliser though, so we save the good stuff for spring only, or following a repot. 

Check out how fab the leaves look when the light hits those grooves (this is another big dude from our collection)...


light on giant peace lily leaf

Pet safe?

That's a no unfortunately, the Peace Lily is not pet safe. The foliage is safe to touch, but if nibbled, chewed or swallowed, can irritate the lips, mouth and throat and potentially cause swelling, and digestive upsets. Play it safe and put those giant leaves out of reach of curious pets & kids.

Sensation Peace Lily pro tips & problem solving

Brown, crispy or dry tips

This one's typically due to too much light or not enough humidity, however some report brown tips resulting from the chemicals in tap water. We normally try a change in position first as light's the most likely cause. Easily fixed. 

No flowers (how to get your Peace Lily to flower again)

A common complaint we get asked about a lot. Two common causes. Not enough light, or not enough phosphorus. A change in position should get them blooming again, however if you don't normally fertilise, a lack of flowers can also be due to a lack of phosphorus. Look for an NPK fertiliser like Plant Runner which includes nitrogen for the leaves, phosphorus for roots & flowers, and potassium for what we would think of as immunity.


Green flowers

Green flowers can just happen for no reason, but if it's due to something being wrong, over-fertilising is the most likely culprit. 

Yellow leaves

If it's an older leaf and just one or two of them are going yellow, this is likely normal, and just a sign a leaf is at the end of its life. We remove them when found so the plant can focus it's energy on healthy leaves. If it's not an older leaf, and it's only on one side of the plant, that's normally due to too much light (you'll know as that side will be the light source). The other common cause is overwatering, in which case normally a bigger section or the entire plant will be yellowing. Check how wet the soil is and let him dry out.

Not growing

If it's growing season (spring and summer) but your chap's just not loving life, and you seem to have everything perfect, then check those huge leaves are not coated in dust. They can be dust magnets. Pop your chap in the shower, give his leaves a wipe down with a soft damp cloth, or give him an extra generous misting. Another reason - if light and water are all good - is he may be root bound and overdue a repot. Soil nutrient levels could also be up the wazoo, so you can also try an NPK fertiliser like Plant Runner to get the balance right and replenish what been used up.


LTLC Rating (Love That Leaf Care Rating)

The Peace Lily most definitely deserves the easiest Love That Leaf Care Rating of all, a solid 1 out of 5. Easy, peezy lemon squeezy. Our top pick for new plant collectors, to give as gifts, and for instant jungle impact without the hard work. Enjoy!


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