The simple growth hack that speeds up root growth for water propagation

Just short and sweet for this one, as this simple growth hack is all about less talk, more action. Want to get roots growing faster on your cuttings? Turns out the humble Pothos has a hidden talent. This hack surprised me so I had to share it. I’ve been experimenting and it actually works...

Got a cutting that’s refusing to root or taking its sweet time? Add a Pothos!

I’d heard of using willow as a natural rooting hormone, but didn’t know Pothos has this ‘super power’ too. 
Just pop a Pothos cutting in with the water with your slow-to-grow cuttings and it helps speed up root development. That’s a big yes please. Although my Pothos aren’t too pleased I found out about this, but talk about a perfect excuse to get more Pothos!

I first heard about this about a month ago from Everything Plants on YouTube then saw it mentioned by Soil Scientist Ashley from Gardening in Canada, and had to try it for myself.  I've shared their videos below.

It worked!

After trying cuttings from the same mother plant with and without Pothos cuttings in the water, I’m a believer. Although I normally change all the water in my prop vases every few days, when using this Pothos growth hack, I just topped the water up, rather than fully replace it, to hold on to that build up of growth hormones in the water.

I shared this hack on my Instagram and Facebook with you guys, and it turns out a few of you already knew about it. Turns out I'm late to the party, but still so pleased to have discovered it for my propagation success, so had to share it here with everyone else (just in case, like me, you didn't know about this trick).

After getting such good results, I’ve now popped a couple of Pothos cuttings in with my doing-nothing-fast Monstera Standleyana cuttings. I’ve been experimenting using my Golden Pothos, and have seen experiments using Jade Pothos also.

That's it! Short and sweet. Time to grab those snips and get your grow on!



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