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AquaGlobes (also called watering globes) can be an absolute blessing - if used correctly! For something so simple they get rave reviews for a reason. Here's how to get the best results from your AquaGlobe.

Look out for the pro tips, how to use instructions and video reviews below 


What are AquaGlobes used for?

They keep your soil moisture levels consistent, allow you to go away and leave your plants for up to 2 weeks without needing a plant-sitter, and help habitual over-waterers and under-waterers avoid over-watering or under-watering. Especially good for sensitive plants who throw a fit, dropping leaves or dramatically wilting when you forget to water them. AquaGlobes are designed for both indoor and outdoor potted plants.

Pro tip: Many plants will happily make it through a week or two without watering anyway, so we save our globes just for our more high-maintenance plants that we stress out about having to leave. They are gorgeous ornaments too so by all means get one for every plant if you love the look as much as we do, but when you have a good 50+ plants in your own indoor collection like we do, it could get a bit pricey ;) 

Indoor vs outdoor: You'll see some pretty massive AquaGlobes featured in YouTube videos and on Instagram, mainly used on potted outdoor plants, but being indoor plant specialists, we've found the shorter stem globes are better suited to indoor plant pot sizes, keeping indoor plants happy for up to 2 weeks or longer depending on your conditions.

How to use instructions & more pro tips below


How do you use AquaGlobes?

Pro tip before first use: Use a plant stake, pencil, chopstick or similar to create a little tunnel in the soil, roughly the depth of your AquaGlobe. This isn't a must but does help avoid soil going up the stem. We recommend it as it's a bit annoying to refill  them if you have to remove the soil first. You really only need to do this the first time, as if you always pop your globe back in the same spot it'll form it's own little tunnel to pop snugly back in to each time.

STEP 1: Fill them up Put the stem under the tap and fill up your globe. You want a trickle of water for easy filling, not a torrent! 

STEP 2: Pop them in Take your globe to your plant, and put the stem in the hole you created earlier. Done! Walk away for up to 2 weeks. Refill when the globe's low or empty.


What to do when going away

Use your AquaGlobe for keeping water-sensitive plants alive if you have to go away. They'll water the average indoor plant in a 14cm pot for up to 2 weeks (usually longer) BUT remember to give plants a good water before you add the AquaGlobe and head off on holiday. Don't put a globe in already dry soil or the soil will empty your globe too fast. 

Pro tip: The first time we got these fantastic little things we tested them a fortnight before we left to check how long our plants took to use up the water and found some plants were thirstier than others. Some turned out to barely take up much water from their globes so did fine with a big water before we left. Just buy how many you know you need and give them a test before you go (give yourself time to get another couple later if you really need them but you may be surprised to find you don't need as many as you thought).

PS: Yes you can use more than one globe per plant if it's in a big pot or extra thirsty. 


How to use for consistent watering

Before first adding an AquaGlobe, give the plant a good water to the desired level of moisture it prefers. Let it drain as usual. Then pop your AquaGlobe in. Just top it up when the globe is empty, about every 2 weeks or so. Plants suck up what they need as they need it, so some will go for much longer without needing a refill. You can easily see the water level from the outside without having to remove the globe.


How not to use AquaGlobes

Don't put a globe in to dry soil. It will just drink up every drop super fast. Water your plant as normal first. Let excess water drain out as normal. Then put your AquaGlobe in. Your plant will suck up what it needs as the soil dries, to keep the soil evenly moist.  

Don't use the stem to 'dig' a hole for the globe. Use a pencil or similar to poke a hole in the soil before you put your globe in or it might clog the stem with soil, plus the stem is designed to slow-release water, it's not made to dig with or you risk breaking it (they are glass after all).

If you pop your globe in and the water level seems to drop straight away, give it a wee twist in the soil. The stem needs to be on the right angle to form a light seal, exchanging oxygen for water as the soil dries out. 


Do AquaGlobes help with fungus gnats?

In our experience, yes, but it gets mixed reviews. It's certainly not meant to be a feature of them, but for us it puts water where it's needed, directly in to the soil, and reduces that wet soil on top that grows the fungus gnats love. Some have found the reverse experience, but from what we tell reading between the lines, they didn't have fungus gnats before because they were under-watering. We'll have to leave this one up to you to test on your own plants.


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