How to assemble the Grow Vertical Forty and Sixty grow poles

The new Grow Vertical Forty and Sixty beautifully combine form and function. They are easy to put together, and very easy to extend. If you haven't assembled one before, here's how it's done...

How to assemble your Grow Vertical Forty or Sixty

I find these the easiest one-piece poles to assemble thanks to the thicker yet more flexible material and clever dual push-lock tab system.

STEP 1 Fold along the pre-scored fold lines, either side of the front of the pole (keep the logo on the outside). I like to add substrate at this stage, but you can add substrate later. 

STEP 2 On the back, one side has one row of tabs, the other has two rows of slots. Slide the tabs side, over the top of the slots side, and decide what volume you'd like (choose from two pole volumes depending on which row of slots you choose). 

STEP 3 Using the image below as a guide, push tab A down and slide it into slot A.

STEP 4 Using the image below as a guide, push tab B down and slide it into slot B to lock the tab firmly in place. Repeat steps 3 and 4 along the length of the pole to complete assembly.






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