Dyna-Gro Orchid Pro directions for use

Dyno-Gro Orchid Pro is a complete, liquid fertiliser formulated to give Orchids everything they need in one feed. 

Like most plant foods, directions for use change based on how you want to use it and how often you feed. If you feed twice as often, don't double the dose! Keep the dose the same instead and double the water.  Here are the different doses for different uses below... 

dyna-gro orchid pro


Every time you water (general maintenance): 1 ml per 1.5 litres*

Officially the general maintenance dose is 1:1500 which works out as 6.7mls per 10 litres water, however that's more helpful for those with greenhouses. For smaller collections, use 1ml Orchid Pro per 1.5 litres water for general maintenance, every time you water. 
If you have a quick check of the plant forums, you'll find most orchid collectors have found their own ideal dose, but overall general consensus is from 1ml per litre to 1 ml per 1.5 litres


Siphon mixer: 333mls per 5 litres

Foliar feeding (misting & spraying): 1 ml per litre

Orchid Pro is suitable for foliar feeding (a fancy name for watering fertiliser on to leaves instead of into soil). 
Mix 1ml Orchid Pro per 1 litre water in your spray bottle or mister and water all leaves top and underside until they drip. 24 hours later, spray with fresh plain water to remove any mineral residue on leaves.

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