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Which fits what? The Elho cover pot guide

Whether buying online or in-store, matching cover pots to nursery pots can be tricky unless you have both with you to check before you buy. As a general rule of thumb, most standard nursery pots need to be one cm smaller in width than the width of the cover pot they are going into if you'd like a close fit (a 12cm nursery pot should fit most 13cm cover pots), or go up about 2cm for a bit more wiggle room (such as a 12cm nursery pot with a 14cm to 15cm cover pot).

To give you more room for easier removal of the plant and nursery pot in and out of the cover pot, you can go up two sizes in cover pot (eg: a 12cm wide nursery pot in a 14cm wide cover pot), but may need some pebbles in the bottom of the cover pot, underneath the nursery pot, to lift the nursery pot up a little. A looser fit also gives you more room for airflow around the sides and bottom of the nursery pot.

Using pots I sell, here's a visual below to which Elho and Teku nursery pots (nursery pots have drainage holes), fit inside which Elho cover pots in the Brussels, Vibe and B.For Soft cover pot range (cover pots don't have drainage holes).

I've used the best selling clear pots by Elho and Teku as examples, combined with the best selling sizes in the Elho cover pots. If you want a photo to check the fit for an exact nursery pot plus cover pot combo that I sell, email or DM me before you buy.

Elho B.For Soft and Elho Vibes cover pots

This design of both the Elho B.For Soft and Elho Vibes cover pot tends to fit the biggest range of nursery pots, because the bottom of the cover pot is the same width as the top, not tapered.

For a close fit, look for a 1cm difference between nursery pot and cover pot, or for more wiggle room, go for a 2 to 3cm difference (eg: a 13cm nursery pot can fit a 14cm cover pot for a tidier, closer fit, or go up to a 15cm or 16cm cover pot for a looser fit, which may need a few pebbles below the nursery pot to lift it up a little. 

which nursery pot fits which cover pot elho b for soft vibes guide
elho b.for soft and vibes cover pots with nursery pots size guide


Elho Brussels cover pots

The Elho Brussels design is a more traditional shaped cover pot with a tapered bottom and wider top. Here are 4 sizes in the Elho Brussels from 12.5cm up to 18cm cover pots, with matching nursery pots if you want a closer, tidier fit.


uide to what size nursery pots fit in the elho brussels cover pots
guide showing which size nursery pots fit inside which elho brussels cover pots

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