Groconut Directions - How to Use

Ahh Groconut. It's true the benefits of coconut water may not being anything new to horticulturalists, but thanks to Groconut, it's now come to attention of house plant hobbyists. And our plants couldn't be happier about it.

Groconut can be used for misting foliage, as a soil drench when watering, for propagation, and for repotting and transplanting. You can also complement your existing fertiliser routine by adding Groconut for a growth boost. Here's the dilution rate for each for each use... 

Groconut for indoor plants, as a foliage spray or nutrient flush


Use 1/4 of a teaspoon of Groconut per 1 litre of water in a mist or spray bottle for a foliage spray. Use fresh. 


Use from 1/2 to 1 teaspoon of Groconut per 1 litre of water for a soil drench when watering. Use fresh. If using along with fertiliser, use the lower 1/2 a teaspoon dilution rate. 


Use Groconut for every second watering for best results. If using the weakly weekly method, reduce the dose to 1/2 teaspoon per 1 litre water. 


Groconut for Propagation

Mix 1 teaspoon of Groconut per 1 litre of water* for use in propagation. Mix in well and leave cutting in solution for 30 minutes to 1 hour. Do not leave the cutting in the solution for longer than 1 hour. Discard used solution and put the cutting in your choice of growth medium. 

Groconut for Hydro and Leca

In semi-hydro, mix a 1/2 to 1 teaspoon Groconut per 1 litre of water* Leave for 6 to 12 hours. Discard solution and replace with fresh water after 6-12 hours. 

For use in full hydroponic systems use Groconut 6 to 12 hours before you’re due to do a clean and a water change.

Based on favourable EC/PPM levels, use Groconut in the following doses:

Seedling Phase: ¼ teaspoon per litre

Vegetative Phase: ½ teaspoon per litre

Flowering Phase: 1 teaspoon per litre

Groconut for Transplanting and Re-potting

To reduce / prevent the effects on transplant shock: Mix 1 teaspoon of Groconut per 1 litre of quality new soil medium when re-potting.




Don't be daft (user warning from Love That Leaf)

Groconut is like a water magnet. Always, always use 100% dry stuff for anything that will be in contact with your Groconut powder. If you get the powder wet in the pouch, it'll be like when you remember that milo you forgot you had in the pantry, and it'll have gone solid next time you go to use it. 

Luckily the one time we got caught out it was right at the very bottom of the pouch, plus it was still a bit soft so we mixed the lump with a little warm water to dissolve it, then mixed it in as usual. Best avoided though! 

Store completely sealed, ideally in your fridge, or if that's not possible, in a cool, dry place out of light and away from moisture. 

*Mixing with distilled or rain water is always advised. Tap water may contain chemicals that may alter the biological and chemical integrity. Make fresh and use only as needed.


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