Grow Stick directions, set-up and tips for use

Get ready... Get set... Glow! The nifty little Grow Stick mini grow light is super simple to get set up. Here's how...

Grow Stick directions, set-up and tips

1. Unwrap the light and the bendy arm (both included). 

2. Peel off the protective plastic from the LED side of the light before first use.

3. The light plugs in to the arm, and the arm plugs into a wall adapter (not included). I use my old iPhone charger to power my Grow Stick. 

4. Position the arm at least 10cm or higher above your plants. Higher is better for more light-sensitive, or heat-sensitive plants, such as highly variegated leaves and plants with thinner leaves.

That's all there is to it! You're ready to get your glow on.

Like any light, your Grow Stick will heat up with use. Not as much as a lightbulb or bigger grow lights do, but it's still recommended to turn off at the wall and allow a minute or so for your Grow Stick to cool down before touching when you want to move or reposition it.

You can position the arm horizontally or vertically. Both work great with the Mini, but with the Midi Grow Stick you'll find horizontal is best (see below).




Where can I buy a Grow Stick in New Zealand?

From me! Love That Leaf. Grow Sticks stocked here >


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