H2O 400ml Cordless Humidifier directions and set-up

Yay for your new humidifier. Your humidity-loving plants are going to thank you for this. These are the directions and set-up for your H2O 400 Cordless Humidifier which comes with a 6 month warranty if bought in New Zealand, provided you follow these directions.

Your plants new best friend comes complete with everything you need to plug and go, runs both corded or cordless, ready to put an end to those brown, dry edges, crispy leaves, dry tips, and sort out curling and wilting leaves for all your humidity loving indoor plants. Spoil your house plants. Give them not just what they need, but what they love.

Here's how to set up your H2O 400, the different modes and settings, tips and more...


What does it come with?

Included in the box is the top and base unit, the USB charging cord, and 3 wicks. One wick is already installed, the other two are spares. Each wick gives up to 6 months use. This model fits the LONG wicks (wicks comes in 3 sizes: standard, large and long). Getting set-up is super easy. Here's how...

How do I get set up?


Unbox your H2O 400 Cordless Humidifier. One wick is already installed. Put your 2 spare wicks somewhere for safekeeping (and somewhere you won't lose it), as you won't need them for 6 months or so.


If you're not charging by plugging directly in to a USB port, then grab your phone or speaker charging brick (not supplied), and plug in the USB charging cord (supplied). The USB charging port is on the back of your humidifier, by the settings button. 

Make sure to charge 
for at least 2 hours minimum the first time (I recommend the full 3 hours). On the back the battery indicator light beside the charging port, will change from red to green when fully charged.


Once fully charged, unplug the USB cord from the top of the humidifier. Twist the top to unlock it from the base. Fill the base with tap water to about 2cms below the edge.


You only need to prime the wick before first use, or when replacing with a new, dry wick. You don't need to prime the wick again before every use, just charge, fill and go.

Twist the top back on the base and wait 10 minutes for the unit to prime. Water needs to thoroughly soak the full length of the wick. Double-prime: Twist the top off the base again, and this time remove the wick cover from the top.

Take out the wick but be careful not to lose the small spring in the base of the cover as it won't work without that! Turn the wick upside-down and replace it inside the cover. Check that spring is in the base of the wick cover. Twist the wick cover back in place. Now soak for 10 more minutes, to make sure the wick is fully soaked right through.

TIP: If you've primed your H2O but nothing happens when you turn your humidifier on, or you only get little wisps of mist, the wick might not be fully saturated yet, (or you the spring fell out when you removed the wick cover). Either wait longer for the wick to soak, or flip the wick upside-down again, so it's evenly soaked the full length of the wick. If the spring fell out you'll need to find it before it will work.

Then off you go! Have a play with the different settings below...

What do the buttons do?

The settings button on the back controls both the mist setting (short presses), and Night Light mode (long presses). The USB plug port is on the back also. The charge indicator is a small light by the charging port that changes from red to green when charged. The different settings are explained below. 

How do I change between modes?

The first short press puts you in Continuous Mode with the mist running constantly. This mode gives you maximum output, but the shortest run-time of 3 to 4 hours on a full charge with full water reservoir.

The second short press changes to Intermittent Mode. In this mode mist is produced for 10 seconds, then off for 5 seconds, on repeat. This mode has the longest run time of 5 to 6 hours on a full charge with full water reservoir. 

The third short press turns off the mist.

The first long press turns on Night Light mode. A gentle light glows from the bottom. 

You can combine the light with both mist modes, or run mist only, no light. You can also turn off the mist and just use it as a night light only.

The second long press turns off Night Light mode. 


Use your humidifier in Intermittent Mode unless the air is very dry. In dry conditions all the mist produced will be absorbed by your plant and the surrounding air, however if you run in Continuous Mode when the air is already moist, excess moisture may pool in the unit or on the shelves. Continuous Mode is best when humidity drops below 40%, otherwise use Intermittent Mode. To check humidity, get yourself a mini plant hygrometer.

This model doesn't have auto-shut off but is designed so the charge runs out before the water does, so it doesn't run dry. This is also the only model that shows the water level from the outside because the base is semi-opaque. Top up each time before leaving the unit running unattended.


These units are super easy to clean. The smooth, round sides eliminate the nooks and crannies so many humidifiers have, making wiping it down and keeping it clean a breeze.

Water and a soft cloth should be enough to keep it clean, but you can also use white vinegar mixed with water if needed. Avoid using chemicals. When cleaning, avoid water getting on or in the top where the electronics, USB plug and settings buttons are or it may break your unit and cause it not to function any longer. 


How long does it take to charge?

The first charge should be a continuous 2 hours minimum, as mentioned in the set-up directions above, but I recommend the full 3 hours. Run-times are approximate as they depend on a number of factors (such as charge left, amount of water in the reservoir, relative humidity in the air, and air temperature). Expect 3 to 4 hours from continuous mode, and 5 to 6 hours on intermittent.

You can rapid charge and use at any charge level, as the rechargeable batteries are lithium-ion so they don't retain a memory, however to extend the life of any rechargeable battery, it's still recommended to fully discharge and fully charge each time.

If you put your humidifier in to storage, rechargeable batteries should be fully charged and discharged about once a season / 4 times a year (every 3 months) to extend their lifetime.

Why am I only getting wisps of mist?

If you've charged your humidifier, the filter wick is wet top to bottom, but all you're getting it wee wisps of mist or not much of anything, your choice of power brick could be under-powered. With such long run-times and big capacity batteries, these little guys love higher-voltage chargers (I use 10 watt and 15 watt charges with mine).

The other, more likely reason, is the wick isn't fully primed. Check step 4 above in set-up for directions for double-priming before first use. Another reason is when you last removed the wick cover, the spring may have fallen out. Easy to check, just look inside the wick cover. Your H2O comes with the spring in the base of the wick cover already. Without the spring it won't work properly. 


Where can I buy the H2O Smart Humidifier?

From Love That Leaf, that's me! Find them in the plant humidifiers category here while stocks last.

Warning: Dumb things not to do

Always remove the top and put it aside before refilling. Don't submerge the humidifier in water for any reason. Don't pour water over the humidifier. Add water in to the base only, directly in to the water reservoir inside. It's extra important to avoid the top getting wet as that's where the electronics are.

When cleaning, a damp cloth is all that's needed. The unit should not be submerged, washed in running water, or soaked in water. Water and electricity never mix. When refilling, always unplug the unit first. Never use the unit with wet hands. Dry your hands first. Avoid touching the buttons, cord or plug with wet hands.

Take care to put the USB plug in correctly, and never force it. Mini USB's are small, so you can damage them or the plug if you're not careful. Force is never required. The plug will easily slot in if you have it in the correct position.  

This is a water-only humidifier. Don't run the unit with perfume, essential oil, or anything other than water in the reservoir. It will cause residue to build up over time in areas you can't clean, eventually blocking the filter, and potentially breaking or damaging the unit.

This is not a toy. Use by children should be closely supervised by an adult. It is intended for home, domestic, indoor use, not for commercial or business use.

Use or treatment of the unit other than directed may damage or break it, and will void the warranty. Wear and tear, misuse or user error is not covered by the warranty. The 6 month warranty covers manufacturing faults or defects only. If anything should go wrong, contact the retailer first. When purchased in New Zealand, the Consumer Guarantees Act applies. 


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