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Milk Box Mini Humidifier Directions for Set-Up and Use

The Milk Box Mini Humidifier is as super easy to set-up, as it is super cute. Here's what they come with and how to get set-up in a couple of minutes. 


Parts included: 

The base and top come already put together. Take the top off to reveal the colour-coordinated, standard to micro USB cord, filters (2 included), and filter cover inside.

That's all you need! Let's get set up...


mini humidifier parts included



1. Take the top off, and take everything out from inside the base.

2. Take one filter and immerse it in a cup of water to soak for one minute.

3. Take the clear filter cap off the intake.

4. Put the filter cap on one end of the filter. Insert the other end of the filter in the intake.

5. Push the filter and filter cap up, so the cap secures around the intake, with the filter inside it (the little spring keeps the filter in place).

6. Pour water in to the MAX level shown on the side. If you have access to it, use filtered or distilled water to reduce mineral build-up over time. 

7.  Replace the top. Plug it in. Pick a setting and you're good to go!

Scroll down for settings, run-time, and dumb things not to do


milk box humidifier settings


Settings & run-time

There are 3 settings. The settings button (shown above), changes between stand-by and one of two settings, full or low. 

The first press turns the humidifier on full. It will run continuously until the water runs out. A full tank will last 4 hours when running continuously. The unit will go in to stand-by mode when the water runs out.

The second press puts your humidifier on low. It will cycle between running for two seconds then off for two seconds. This setting gives you a full 6 hours run-time from one full tank.

The third press returns your humidifier to stand-by mode. It won't run but the power light will still glow red to indicate it's plugged in, ready to go.


Dumb stuff not to do

Yes, these little mini humidifiers are low voltage, but don't be an idiot by combining water and electricity. 

Before you refill: Fully unplug the USB cord from the top, and remove the top from the base.

Where to refill: The hole on top is for mist to come out, not water to go in. Simply take the top fully off the base to refill the base.

Max fill: Don't fill up over the max fill line. Water should only enter the top through the intake. Above the full line and water may get in to the electronics enclosed in the top. That would be bye bye humidifier.

Don't run dry: Although they do go in to stand-by mode when they run out of water, it's best not to leave them on and empty. Turn your humidifier off until you get a chance to refill it, then run it again. When empty, we recommend leaving it unplugged. 

Don't add ANYTHING else: We know it's tempting to add scents, oils, or even plant food, but they are made for water only. Adding anything else could clog the filter, block the atomiser, cause build-up in the unit and potentially stop it working.

Remember if you're going to run it off another electronic device, like your laptop, there's water inside it! The cord is quite long (1 metre) so use your common sense and put it far enough away that if someone were to knock it over, water wouldn't spill on your laptop.


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