Nest Grow Pod Instructions

Components included: USB cable - removable clear dome - removable pot - fan (in base) - light (in dome) - growth ruler (in dome) - power and settings button (in base). Read these instructions below in full before operating your pod. 

Get set up

No tools required. Open the box and unpack everything. Discard the protective foam inserts. You're ready to plant!


Choose your plant

Lift the dome off and take out the included grow pot. Pot your plant into the supplied grow pot, including its existing soil. Water before putting the grow pot back in the base. Add water slowly, just until it starts to drip through the base of the grow pot. Wait for the water to stop dripping. Once all excess water has drained, return the grow pot to the base. Maintain a soil moisture level that suits the individual plant. Place the dome back on the base (line up the dome with the connection point, it's magnetic so it will naturally 'click' in to place). You're ready to grow!


Plug in 

Locate your pod near a power source, such as your laptop or computer, or use a suitable, low-voltage phone charger to plug in to a wall socket. Plug the micro USB end in to the grow pod, and the standard USB plug end in to a suitable USB port. Once connected, the power button on the base will glow blue (Sleep Mode).


Pick your setting

Press the power button on the base to turn your pod on. The blue light will turn off and the LED grow light will turn on. There are 4 modes to choose from: Full, Half, Sleep and Day/Night. When the power is switched on, the fan will auto-cycle for ventilation. The fan cycle repeats 20 minutes on, 40 minutes off.  

The first press sets the light to full brightness. Best suited to plants like succulents that require very bright light. Press the button again and the second press dims the light to half brightness. This setting is better suited to plants that require a softer light, like moss and ferns. The third press turns your pod off and the blue light will glow again to indicate your pod is off but plugged in (Sleep mode). 


Enter day/night mode

To enter day/night mode, first check your pod is plugged in and the power's on (the blue light will be on by the power button). Press and hold the power button for 3 to 4 seconds. This will set your pod to day/night mode, where it cycles automatically between the light being on for 12 hours, then off for 12 hours


Big baby!

Once your plant or succulent has out-grown his pod, remove it from the grow pod and transplant to a larger pot or your garden. 


Dumb stuff not to do with your grow pod

Water sensibly

Don't water near electrical outlets. Don't water while the grow pod is in the base. Unplug the pod, then remove the grow pot to water your plant. Make sure all water has drained out (the pot will stop dripping), before returning the pot to the base. 


Don't put it somewhere silly

Pick a safe place and level, sturdy surface to place your pod on, so it won't unbalance, fall, be knocked or tipped over. This is not a toy. Keep out of reach of children and pets. For use by grown-ups only.


Remember, light not heat

The LED grow light emits light, not heat. You still want your pod in an ideal spot for your plant. Between about 16 to 26 degrees ambient temperature and ideally with some natural, indirect light is ideal for most plants, but always take the individual plant's requirements in to consideration. The same as you would with your plants, avoid placing your pod too close to natural or artificial heat sources. Best kept away from the fireplace, oil and fan heaters, air conditioning units, and out of direct sunlight (grow pods can be put in direct sunlight but the plant should be checked more regularly). 


More dumb stuff to avoid doing

Water and electricity aren't friends. Don't handle the USB cable with wet or damp hands. Disconnect the power when near water. If you put your pod in direct sunlight - check that's okay for your plant first - and don't run the unit with the light on. The sun will be plenty. Don't immerse any of the parts or the pod in water or any liquid. If dirty, clean with a clean, soft cloth. Avoid scratching the plastic dome. If liquid / water spills on or in to your pod, unplug it immediately and get it checked by an electrician before using it again. 


We're not enabling commercial growing here. Please use only as intended, for domestic, personal use. Love That Leaf accepts no liability for any damage to the pod, plant or to anything else as a result of incorrect use or not using the pod as intended. Please be sensible!



Light: COB LED 2.5W

Pod size (assembled): 111.3mm x 114.3mm x 189mm

Weight: 250 grams

Colour/s: White, clear and blue-grey (one colour only).

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