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Grosafe Enspray 99 Spraying Oil - for Mealybugs, Scale, Aphids, Mites, Thrips, Mildew - 200ml Concentrate

$14.99 NZD

Go go Enspray. Bye bye bugs.

What insects does Enspray 99 treat?

Certified organic, Grosafe Enspray 99 can be used as both a leaf polish or leaf spray for controlling mealy bugs, scale, aphids, red mite, thrips, powdery mildew and more. Enspray 99 is not a poison. It's safe for plants and people, even safe for bees and other beneficial insects.  Bad news for the bad bugs though!

How does Enspray 99 work?

As an insecticide, Enspray 99 works in 2 ways to inhibit pests at 3 stages: eggs, nymphs and adults. It works both directly, and through changing bug behaviour. Through direct contact, it suffocates adult insects and mites. It also protects your plants by reducing feeding and egg laying to reduce reinfestation, help with population control over time, and protect plants from feeding damage.

Enspray 99 also works as a broad spectrum fungicide, active against many fungi, including rust, powdery mildew, greasy spot, sooty mould and Botrytis (grey mould).

What's so special?

Enspray 99 is an extremely pure mineral oil formula with less than 1% impurities. Mineral oil has been used as an insecticide for generations because of its low toxicity, but is typically high in impurities, which has a tendency to burn young and tender leaves. The other downside of most mineral oil treatments is their low 'stickability' and coverage. Enspray 99 is different.

Enspray is so pure it covers better and stays on longer without the risk of burning tender foliage. It stays put on plant surfaces for longer, killing more pests and protecting plants for longer. It's also more rainfast than other treatments, making it suitable for both outdoor and indoor application. 

It's not only safe for plants, it's also safer for people. Enspray 99 is certified organic for peace of mind for use right up to harvesting for crops, herbs and veges, plus it's safe for bees and beneficial insects. Safe for use on fruits, vegetables, houseplants, roses and more. 


How do you use Enspray 99?

For indoor plants as a leaf shine use 5ml per 1 cup of water (5ml per 200ml), mix and spray on leaves or dip/spray on a cloth and wipe off. For indoor plants for pest control, use 10mls per 1 litre water and apply with a fine spray mister.

TIP: The lid that comes with Enspray 99 Spraying Oil has measurements marked on it, but I recommend getting it along with a 5ml pipette for accuracy.

For use outdoors on apples, pears, deciduous plants and stonefruit, apply at 15 to 20mls per litre. For scale control, apply during the dormant period up until green tip stage. For citrus, apply at 10ml per litre. For evergreen plants, roses, and ornamental plants mix at 10ml per litre

TIP: You can also get Enspray 99 in a fine-mist spray bottle, and refill when it runs out, using a mix of 6mls of Enspray 99 Spraying Oil, with 300ml of water.

When combining Enspray 99 with Groventive 

Use Groventive at the normal dose but reduce Enspray 99 to 1/2 a ml per litre for use as a spreader, or apply Enspray 99 separately at full dose. If combining treatments and using Enspray 99 as both a spreader and an insecticide, use Groventive at the normal dose and Enspray at the reduced dose of 8mls per litre.

When combining Enspray 99 with BioNeem

Use BioNeem at the normal dose but reduce Enspray 99 to 1/2 a ml per litre for use as a spreader, or apply Enspray 99 separately at full dose. If combining treatments and using Enspray 99 as both a spreader and an insecticide, use BioNeem at the normal dose and Enspray at the reduced dose of 8mls per litre.

How often should you apply Enspray 99?

When used as an insecticide by itself, you want to apply it at the frequency to match when the insect you're targeting moves from egg to larvae to adult stages. Applying and repeating weekly for 2 to 3 weeks, is a common frequency covering most insects lifestages.

You can also use Enspray 99 as a preventative, by applying monthly. For broader effectiveness against more fungal and bacterial diseases, mix Enspray 99 with FreeFlo Copper Fungicide (mix in FreeFlo Copper first, Enspray 99 second).

When using Enspray 99 as a spreader, to increase 'stickability' of a treatment, use at the frequency of the treatment you're using (ie: follow the frequency of Groventive, BioNeem or the product you are mixing Enspray 99 with).

Enspray 99 reviews

"The magic of this oil is two-fold – it works both as a slippery lubricant that prevents pests and disease from taking hold of your plant AND it acts to smother any pests you already have. It’s nifty stuff, let me tell you! And the very best part – it’s totally organic!" (excerpt from review by Claire Mummery, organic gardening and sustainable living coach from Grow Inspired)

"If you're looking for alternatives to chemical sprays to control sucking insects, Bill Brett, in his book Garden Pest & Disease Control, advises that a mineral oil product like Enspray 99 is organic, and suitable for use on annuals (including vegetables), perennials, bulbs, tubers, roses and shrubs." (from's article on pesticides)


Safety first

Follow best practice when handling or applying this product. The same general safety precautions apply as for any spray treatment, including insecticides and fungicides, even those certified organic or generally safe.

Always check the label before use. Spray outdoors when possible, or in a well-ventilated area. Wear basic protective gear, including gloves and eye protection, when preparing and using the product. A coverall (like disposable Painter’s overalls) is recommended to protect clothing and reduce skin exposure. Avoid inhaling spray / mist. Avoid contact with eyes / skin. Wash hands and exposed skin with soap and water after use. Read the full safety precautions here before use >

Download the safety data sheet

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Sheldon Fisher
Thrips Control

The thrips on my ficus and philodendron are now under control. This product works great.

Bug control

It has been advertised as being very effective and not damaging to beneficiary insects. That is enough reason for me to try it this year , even though I seem to have to spray more frequently than stated on the product. I am using it in the garden.

Karen Allan

Grosafe Enspray 99 Spraying Oil - for Mealybugs, Scale, Aphids, Mites, Thrips, Mildew - 200ml Concentrate

Garry Workman
Use with moth orchids

One treatment appears to have controlled my mealy bug problem ,but not completely.This is to be expected and I now await the effect of a second treatment. Promising so far for a difficult problem.

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