"If you haven’t already tried GT Foliage Focus, do yourself and your plants a favour”

Growth Technology - Now in NZ

Who are GT ?

Growth Technology (known in the industry as GT), are the company who formulated the famous Clonex 30+ years ago, marketed in NZ under the Yates brand.

The global success of Clonex alone is something to be proud of. Yet you won’t see them showing off about their success. They don’t have to.

What you will see is their fans doing the raving about GT for them.

GT Foliage Focus, Complete Focus and CCS have become cult favourites with our Australian plant buddies (not to mention internationally), yet remain a new discovery for indoor plant hobbyists in NZ.

Check out the GT range below & find out what all the fuss is about…

“Everyone’s always asking me how I’ve grown them so big in such a short period of time! Honestly the reason is the magic sauce from GT. It’s truly a game changer” @plantsbycallum

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Lucky #6

To launch the GT range in New Zealand, we’re starting with the 3 best sellers:

Foliage Focus, Complete Focus and Clonex Clone Solution, better known as 'CCS'

Lucky plants. Lucky number 6. 

In numerology the number 6 represents support, nurture and healing. 6 is also a lucky number in Chinese culture.

Find out the top 6 reasons your plants will be feeling lucky when you choose GT...

#1 Calcium

With GT Focus and CCS in your plant care toolkit, there’s no need to supplement separately with calcium.

No guesswork with dolomite or using human foods that attract Fungus Gnats or rot. No need to buy separate products. No risk of getting the levels wrong either (as too much calcium can raise soil pH to toxic levels).

GT Focus and CCS are complete, single-part fertilisers. Everything plants need, in one bottle, ready to feed. One step and done. Not just complete, with calcium included but also balanced to avoid both deficiencies and excesses. 

Why is calcium such a big deal?

Calcium is needed by plants to help form strong, healthy roots, leaves and stems.

Cracked, split or curling leaves. Slow, stunted or deformed growth. Buds that fall off before plants flower...  

...all common signs of a calcium deficiency.

The majority of fertilisers don’t include calcium, even though calcium is essential for plants.

Unlike many other essential nutrients, which plants can shift from old to new growth when there’s a deficiency, calcium is not a mobile nutrient.

If there’s a calcium deficiency when new growth forms, the damage is done for the life of that stem, leaf or bud

That new growth may never reach its potential, staying small, cracked, split or deformed, or rot and die early.

Avoid calcium deficiencies and excesses with GT Focus and CCS.

"I’ve been using Foliage Focus on my Philodendron Melanochrysum and the newest leaf is double the size of its predecessor” @emmasplants_

#2. No urea or chlorides

Most fertilisers use urea and chlorides. GT? That’s a big NO to both. Here’s why…

Free of urea...

Nitrogen is a critical nutrient plants need for photosynthesis. Urea is a popular source of nitrogen. However urea also contains large amounts of salts. Outdoors, if you overdo the fertiliser, excess urea can wash down and out, keeping those salts away from the roots.

Indoors? Roots can’t escape. Excess urea, whether from over-fertilising or salts building up over time, can result in fertiliser burn, causing symptoms like brown, dry, ‘burned’ leaf margins and tips, wilting (even with correct watering), stunted growth and (if not caught in time), plant death.

Not a worry with GT. GT Focus and CCS give indoor plants the critical nitrogen they need, in an instantly available form, with no urea.

...and no clorides

Potassium is also an essential nutrient. Potassium chloride is widely used in fertiliser as it’s high in potassium. However, it’s also high in chloride.

The shift to chloride-free potassium sources is being driven by the demand for more sustainable agricultural production that increases yield, without harming soil health.

In small quantities outdoors, chlorides shouldn’t cause issues. Excess can leach away. It's a different story for our indoor plants.

Too much chloride can cause scorched leaf edges, smaller, thicker leaves and slowed or stunted growth. As salts in soil increase, they ‘steal’ water from the roots, and harm beneficial organisms in the soil.

Over time, soil pH changes, turning safe nutrients toxic, and putting plants at risk of an early, preventable death.

GT uses only cloride-free potassium, and urea-free nitrogen.

"Everyone’s always asking me how I’ve grown them so big in such a short period of time! Honestly the reason is the magic sauce from GT. It’s truly a game changer” @plantsbycallum


#3 Complete

Most fertilisers list NPK only. Nitrogen (N), Phosphorus (P) and Potassium (K).

Far from all the nutrients a plant needs, yet enough for them to claim to be 'complete'.

Check the label. GT is different. Not just 3, but all 12 essential nutrients.

Nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, calcium, magnesium, sulphur, iron, manganese, boron, zinc, copper and molybdenum.

#4 Balanced

GT Focus and CCS formulas are both complete and balanced, with all 12 essential nutrients in the right ratio for the plant's needs and lifestage, such as Foliage Focus for profuse, strong, lush leaf growth for indoor plants, to CCS for propagation.

“My whole collection is fuelled by Foliage Focus nutrients and other GT products... I can't recommend them highly enough!” @urb4n_gr33n

#5 pH buffered

Many of our favourite indoor plants come from warm, humid habitats where soil pH is naturally more acidic.

Soil pH matters.

Too acidic and some nutrients become toxic while others like calcium get 'locked up' in the soil. 

Too alkaline and critical nutrients like phosphorus become unavailable.

GT is pH buffered to 6 once diluted, slightly acidic, right where tropical-loving indoor plants prefer, and where nutrients become ideally available, helping avoid both deficiencies and toxic levels.


#6 Chelated minerals

Pronounced 'key-lay-ted' (think of a key unlocking a door).

Chelating minerals 'unlocks' the 5 essential metal nutrients: 
Iron, manganese, magnesium, zinc and copper

Metal nutrients can react with oxygen and ions in the soil, turning them into solids, locking them in a form plants can't use.

Chelation adds organic molecules to protect these precious metals, keeping these critical nutrients unlocked, water-soluble and available to your plants.

All metal nutrients in GT are chelated to avoid deficiencies and make sure plants get what they need, when they need it.

"There are 2 nutrients we absolutely can not do without, GT Clonex Clone Solution and GT Foliage Focus... CCS to help cuttings root and in initial stages ... GT Foliage Focus as the work horse that keeps the plant growing and provides all the nutrients the plant needs to have awesome foliage. The name says it all folks, Foliage Focus!” @foliagetherapyau

Meet the GT best sellers...

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