Change of mind returns

Can I return a product?

If you've changed your mind and no longer want a product you ordered, yes, I do offer 'change of mind' returns in most cases. Unlike what most people think, retailers do not have to offer a return unless a product has a fault, however I want you to be happy, so please do ask.

As long as you let me know within 2 days of receiving the product, and return it within 7 days, you will normally be approved for a 'swap return'. Please do get in touch right away and check that's okay first, as it does need to be approved. Please note books, puzzles and stationery cannot be returned. 

What's a 'swap return'?

Here's how a swap return works. Please check you're happy with this before going ahead with your return:


1. Get in touch for your return to be approved. Email me at hello @lovethatleaf .co .nz or use the form on the contact us page.

2. Place an order for the product/s you do want instead, to at least the same value as the product you don't want*

3. Return the product you don't want. When your return is approved I'll give you the return address to courier your return to**

4. On arrival, your returned product will be checked. As long as it's brand new in every way, including packaging, has not been used and has no wear and tear, it will be refunded minus payment fees***


Things to note before doing a return

*Order value:
The total value of the product/s in your replacement order needs to be to at least the same value of the product/s you're returning. So if your product was $25, the replacement order needs to be for product/s to the value of at least $25. Note that shipping isn't counted towards the total. You do not have to order the same type of product for your replacement order. You can order any product or products to at least the same value.

**Shipping: Keep in mind the product will be refunded, not the shipping. Shipping is paid by you (both for the returning product you don't want, and for your replacement order for the products you do want).

***Refund value: When you place an order online, not all of the money you pay actually goes to me. The fees vary, but the bank, credit card or buy now pay later provider all charge a fee. It's normally small. For example, out of $50 the fee might be $2 so I would refund you $48. When I refund you, I don't get the payment fees refunded from the payment provider, so will refund you minus the non-refundable fees.

Can I just have a refund?

The only option I offer for change of mind returns, is a swap return, explained above. I do not offer refunds for change of mind returns without a replacement order being placed first.

Can you refund me before I place my order?

I used to do this when I first started my business, however unfortunately every time I did the customer never followed through. I know that's not your fault, however it's taught me I do need to follow the swap return steps above, in the order listed above. You will need to place your order for the products you do want, before I refund the products you don't want.

How long do refunds take?

I refund the same day the returned product arrives. Depending on your bank, that will usually show the next day at your end, but can sometimes take 2 working days.

Do you need my bank account for a refund?

No, that's fine, you don't need to provide any private information to get a refund. I will refund back on to the credit card or payment method used for your original order. Everything is encrypted through the website, so I do not see your credit card, buy now pay later, or bank account details. 

If I paid by credit card, or buy now pay later, can you refund back into my bank account instead?

I do need to refund back on to the same method of payment you used for your original order, so that my tax is recorded correctly, and so the website is correct also, just in case I need to check back later on what happened with a previous order you've placed.


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