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Book - Plantopedia: The Definitive Guide to Houseplants

$64.90 NZD

"It’s beautiful. Hefty. Smooth pages. Gorgeous illustrations. Get it. Its worth it." @tmfullenkamp

"I was very excited for this book, but wow. I did not expect the book to be so detailed, so beautifully illustrated, and so thorough. Almost every houseplant book out there goes into such shallow detail in comparison to what this book has to offer. The information is easily digestible as well, so even a beginner can pick this up and be well on their way to a mastery level. Overall, a great addition to any botanical enthusiasts collection." @aidan_b.

Big, beautiful and dangerous. This coffee table book should come with a warning. Your wishlist may well grow a LOT longer as a result. Plantopedia is the 2020 'Definitive Guide to Houseplants'. Over 130 indoor houseplants are profiled, from firm faves to trending newbies you'll want to add to your wishlist. Everything from easy-to-find foliage favourites, to cacti and succulents, to rare gems. So far I every plant I can think of I can find in this impressive, wide-ranging reference book (but if you want to check a certain plant is included before you buy, just message me). As authors Lauren Camilleri and Sophia Kaplan are based in Sydney, what's even better is how many of these beauties we can get in NZ. 

Each of the 130+indoor houseplants profiled, have full-page, full-colour photos that makes this book coffee-table worthy immediately. But there's more. Each plant profile includes an introduction, the latin name and common name and care reference guide at a glance (difficulty. light, water, soil, humidity, propagation, growth habit, best position, and whether it's pet safe). The care list is followed by 2 to 3 paragraphs of info covering interesting facts and care insights. 

We love the clever visual index with a photo of each plant, not just the name. You can also search plants by care level: Novice (the biggest section), Green Thumb and Expert.

A beautiful coffee table book for plant lovers of all levels. plus a handy guide for beginners, newbies and novices less familiar with what's 'out there' and how to look after them. For the more expert levels you'll likely know the info about the plants, but still utterly adore the photos. 

Plantopedia is a hard-cover book over 400 pages long, measuring 26.5cm tall x 21cm wide x an impressive 4.5cm thick!

TIP: If you want a more word-rich book that you'll get absorbed by for hours, have a look at The Leaf Supply Guide to Creating Your Indoor Jungle by the same authors.

"Absolutely beautiful book! What a treat, beautiful illustrations, simply written and very informative for people novices like me. 
It’s exactly what I was looking for." @marika_samek

"A very hefty hardcover book with great photos, and informative text. It reads like a coffee table book, but is a much nicer size. Each plant page tells you where to best place the plant, how often to water it, etc, so it is a useful tool for plant beginners and a helpful reminder for people with many plants to care for. I bought this as a christmas gift for my mom who has a room full of house plants. I know she will like this book." @jonathan_quinlan

Behind the book

Authors Lauren Camilleri and Sophia Kaplan from Leaf Supply in Sydney have published three indoor plant books: Leaf Supply, Indoor Jungle, and new-kid-on-the-block Plantopedia, published in 2020.